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Old 27-08-2007
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Windows Explorer crashes randomly when navigating through files with the
following error.Any ideas what to do to resolve?

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: explorer.exe
Application Version: 6.0.6000.16386
Application Timestamp: 4549b091
Fault Module Name: StackHash_26e1
Fault Module Version: 6.0.6000.16386
Fault Module Timestamp: 4549bdc9
Exception Code: c0000374
Exception Offset: 000af1c9
OS Version: 6.0.6000.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: 26e1
Additional Information 2: cd7bb394943cdbaea1ff4c088c0e7665
Additional Information 3: ff16
Additional Information 4: 63fd24ff58eaa0cc8d153a6dbda24ae8

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Old 27-08-2007
Chad Harris
Posts: n/a
Re: Explorer APPCRASH

I'd try these:

***SFC as a Remedy***:

SFC or System File Checker is a bit like the spare tire in your car or a
backup battery I suppose. In Vista of course, they have changed it somewhat
and come up with a new name--Redmond stands for name it something different
twice a year and now it's part of WRP or Windows Resource Protection. It
scans protected resources including thousands of files, libraries, critical
folders, and essential registry keys, and it replaces those that are
corrupted with intact ones. It fixes a lot of problems in Windows XP, OE,
Windows Vista, Win Mail, IE6, and on Vista or if it is installed on XP, IE7.
It protects these things from changes by any source including
administrators, by keeping a spare of most of them.

How to Run SFC:

Type "cmd" into the Search box above the Start Button>and when cmd comes up
at the top of the Start menu>right click cmd and click "run as Admin" and
when the cmd prompt comes up at the cmd prompt type "sfc /scannow" no quotes
and let it run. This may fix things quite a bit. It replaces corrupt files
with intact ones, if you're not familiar with it.

If you have a Vista DVD, you can try Startup Repair or a repair install, or
you could try the options at F8 if those don't work.

***Startup Repair from the Vista DVD***

How to Use The Vista DVD to Repair Vista (Startup Repair is misnamed by the
Win RE team and it can be used to fix many Vista components even when you
can boot to Vista)

If you elect to run Startup repair from the Vista DVD (it can fix major
components in Vista--I've verified this many many times; it's good for more
than startup problems, and the Win RE team simply screwed up when they named
it not understanding its full functionality):

Startup Repair will look like this when you put in the Vista DVD

You run the startup repair tool this way (and system restore from here is
also sometimes effective):


How To Run Startup Repair In Vista Ultimate (Multiple Screenshots)

It will automatically take you to this on your screen

That will allow you to go to the Vista setup that has a Repair link on
thelower left corner>click it and then you'll see a gray backgrounded list
and I want you to click Startup Repair from it and follow the directions.

The gray screen after you click the first link in the above pic will look
like this

Click Startup Repair, the link at the top and after it scans>click OK and
let it try to repair Vista. It will tell you if it does, and if it
doesn't, try System Restore from the Recovery Link on the DVD. If these
don't work booting into Safe Mode by tapping the F8 key and using System
Restore from one of the safe modes besides VGA may work. That means you
have the option to try 4 different safe modes to get to system restore, (one
from the Recovery link on the DVD) and sometimes one will work when the
others won't.

You could also try a Repair Install with Vista which is done exactly the
same way as in XP:

***Repair Install Steps*** (can be used for Vista) MVP Doug Knox

***Using the F8 Environment***

***Taking Full Advantage of the F8 Options (Windows Advanced Options Menu)
by starting the PC and tapping F8 once per second when the firmware screen
with the pc manufacturer's name shows a few seconds after restarting***:

The F8 options in Vista are the same as XP, and the link for Safe Mode Boot
options is labled XP by MSFT but they are the same for Vista (they haven't
updated to add Vista to the title as they have with several MSKBs that apply
to both).

Again, pressing F8 repeatedly when you seem the firmware screen may be is a
generic way to launch Windows RE on some OEM Vista computers.

You could also:

Think: I have 4 different ways to get back my XP at F8 and try 'em in order.
1) Safe Mode 2) Safe Mode with Cmd to Sys Restore which is simply a cmd
prompt in safe mode 3) Safe Mode with Neworking 4) LKG or Last Known Good

Try to F8 to the Windows Adv Options Menu>try 3 safe modes there (I don't
use WGA) and Last Known Good>then I go to Win RE in Vista. That gives you a
choice of Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking,and Safe Mode with Command

These methods are outlined in

A description of the Safe Mode Boot options in Windows XP/and Vista

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding System Restore from MSFT:


System Restore can be run from the Win RE recovery environment from the same
link as Startup Repair, and sometimes it will work from one F8 safe mode
location or from the Win Recovery Environment when it won't work from other

How to start the System Restore tool at a command prompt in Windows XP

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Old 23-09-2008
Join Date: Sep 2008
Posts: 1
Explorer APPCRASH - Norton problem?

This started happened to me this past weekend - on BOTH my Vista computer as well as my Windows XP computer - shortly after I updated my Norton 360 to their new version 2.

Finally uninstalled Norton last night, installed on a different antivirus program, and the problem seems to be resolved. Good luck!

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Old 18-03-2010
Join Date: May 2009
Posts: 1
Re: Explorer APPCRASH

Same problem as above shwdll.dll or something like this was the fault and started on all my installs I wonder if it means something serious because i never had it before ever and i have had vista 4 years. Now every time i do a fresh install even before entering cd key it doesn't last long before popup saying appcrash evertime i look for the software drivers. Before opening the driver folder i copy it to the desktop to run it that seems to work bt it is very anoying at best. The only way i have of getting ride of it is to install sp1 which seems to work. The trouble is everytime unless i copy to cd i have to paste to desktop to run software even if on another partition or drive otherwise it gives appcrash check for solutions. There are experts out there and noone knows the answer makes u wonder the term expert right?

If u can't answer the question don't reply a bogus feed back is a time waster when trying a fix not good 4 buisness OK!

The only 1 so far is the SP1 update unless anyone has the proper answer?
Every Buisness Man knows my anger rrrrrrrraaaaahhhh
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