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Thread: Can't uninstall and doesn't exist :o(

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    Unlimited Guest

    Can't uninstall and doesn't exist :o(

    Hi, I tried installing my old Nero 7 and it crashed on the install, so I
    tried removing it in Control Panel and the uninstaller crashes so it cannot
    be removed.
    I deleted the folder its in and also the registry options and basically
    every reference I sould find to Nero on my PC but it STILL shows up in
    Control Panel and will not uninstall.

    And I can't install the new Nero as it won't overwrite the old one :o(
    I get the following message when trying to uninstall.

    Internal Error

    Custom Action DLL crashed on last call function 'NeroAG_UnregisterComEx'.
    The installer must now exit.

    Crash Thread ID 4352
    Current Thread ID 3564

    Any help would be great.

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    Chad Harris Guest

    Re: Can't uninstall and doesn't exist :o(

    Hello Unlimited--

    I'd try the aid of both of these:

    General CleanTool

    InCD Clean Tool

    Then try your reinstall.

    Good luck,

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    Richard Urban Guest

    Re: Can't uninstall and doesn't exist :o(

    Find the associated .cpl file in Windows/System32 folder and delete that

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    uvbogden Guest

    Re: Can't uninstall and doesn't exist :o(

    I had the same problem with Norton, iTunes/QuickTime and Roxio/Sonic. Before
    will let you update/install a newer version of a program, all remnants of the
    program must be completely removed from your system. Since the Vista
    uninstall feature sometimes does a poor job at this, these remnants often
    have to be removed manually. The following tutorial shows how to do this:

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