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Thread: "BOOTMGR IS COMPRESSED" error message

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    Syef7 Guest

    "BOOTMGR IS COMPRESSED" error message

    Hi, I have a windows vista ultimate installed on my system...I experience an
    error message "BOOTMGR IS COMPRESSED..Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart.."

    Can anybody give me a clear solution for this?


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    Fitz Guest
    Try booting to your Vista installation CD. Choose Repair. Select the OS
    (should be the only one that shows up). It should repair the BOOTMGR.

    Check out link below, it applies even to just repair the bootloader

    Had the same problem as this and have to say thank you to Bob J the
    above method worked great.

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    arahman Guest

    Re: "BOOTMGR IS COMPRESSED" error message

    I am getting the same message but surprisingly enough, when I try to
    boot my laptop from the vista bootable dvd, it just doesn't do anything.
    It wont even let me in the BIOS so I can just skip the system looking up
    in the MBR and should just from the DVD instead of the god damn bootmgr.

    Please help... Thank you so much for your time !

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