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Thread: "Bad Image" errors on startup

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    Nat Sci Guest

    "Bad Image" errors on startup


    I have a 3 month old Dell PC with Windows Vista as the only operating
    system. When I first got it everything worked fine. After about a month I
    started getting the following two error messages on startup:

    1) Title: LogonUI.exe - Bad Image
    Text: The following file may not be designed to run on Windows. Try
    reinstalling the program from its installation disc.

    2) Title: winlogon.exe - Bad Image
    Text: The following file may not be designed to run on Windows. Try
    reinstalling the program from its installation disc.

    (I can't completely remember the text, it was something like that though).
    These appear everytime I startup the computer/windows - the second one
    appears several times. The second one also appears when shutting down the
    computer. They can also appear at other times (particularly the second one),
    such as when saving a file in Access 2003, although they do not consistantly
    appear on these occasions.

    I ran the Vista Error-checking tool (in the C drive properties), ticking
    both options. Not only did this have no effect on the errors coming up, it
    apparantly introduced a new one. This new error appears multiple times at
    startup, and reads:

    Title: Windows - Bad Image
    Text: Exception Processing Message 0xc000007b Parameters 0x7579023C
    0x7579023C 0x7579023C 0x7579023C

    The parameters are not always the same each time I startup Windows - they
    always start with 0x7 and end with C, and the four parameters are always the
    same as each other.

    Basically, can anyone help me get rid of these error messages?

    Many thanks!!

    Other info: Office 2003 is installed on the computer. Office 97 has been
    installed and removed (using System Restore) a couple of times and is not
    currently installed. Any important Windows Updates have been installed,
    optional ones have not. Nothing else has been installed by me, some things
    like Tiscali and Orange stuff were installed by Dell as standard.

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    Racin Guest

    RE: "Bad Image" errors on startup

    I am having the same problem with my Dell PC, did you find a fix for this

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    Nat Sci Guest
    No, I'm still getting the errors. The Dell Support thing on my desktop
    doesn't help either, cos it says there are no errors on the computer.

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    Racin Guest

    RE: "Bad Image" errors on startup

    I spent 1 1/2 hours on the phone with Dell Support and also had no errors on
    the computer, they suggested that I do the recovery process which puts the
    computer back to how it was when it came from the factory, which means you
    lose any stuff that has been installed. My computers is only 3 weeks old, so
    not many programs or files have been added. It worked, the errors
    disappeared. I did not have to use the restore disc, just use the menu after
    holding the F8 key during startup. My guess is that possibly a program that
    was install on my computer change a driver for any of my media based programs
    ,realplayer ,quicktime, photoshop, ect., so I hope this helps, please let me
    know how it goes or if more info is needed.

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