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Thread: How to reset password in windows vista home premium for laptop

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    How to reset password in windows vista home premium for laptop

    I have a Toshiba laptop at home on which i recently installed Windows VIsta Home Premium. This system was having just one user account and that was Administrator's account. I haven't set any password for the same. Today when i was out, i guess my brother who is a newbie in computers might have messed up something due to which the system is locked now.

    While trying to unlock the same it is asking me to insert USB flash drive or removable disk. I dont have any of such disk as well as no Idea what to do. Can anyone here please tell me how can i reset the account or unlock it?

    Many thanks.

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    Did you asked your brother if he had set any password? If yes, he must be aware about the same because windows require you to type in the password TWICE to make it working. And if your brother has typed in anything twice he must be surely knowing about the same, right?

    Apart from this, Did you create a password reset disk before you got locked out? If not, there are several Live CD ISO available on the web. Download and burn it on CD from any other computer. Open CMD, if you can boot if of the LIVE CD, and CLick REPAIR WINDOWS

    You can also type the following in CMD and reboot the system.
    "net user Administrator /active:yes"

    Let me know the results.

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    Do you have another Administrative account on that computer? If you do, you
    can login to that account and go into User Management and reset the password from there.

    That's not going to help, from what you have described a password has been
    set for Windows, removing the battery for a few minutes will reset a BIOS
    password, but not the Windows password.

    I have not tried this on Vista yet but in XP Home you could boot to safe
    mode using F8 at startup. Once in safe mode there was an Administrator
    account that microsoft left with out a password log in and change the
    password of your account.

    Possible spam. Why direct the OP - in an answered, closed thread btw - to a
    program hosted on a questionable website when the goal can be accomplished
    natively in Windows?

    Open CMD, if you can boot if of the LIVE CD, and CLick REPAIR WINDOWS
    (If Using VISTA) then type - net user Administrator /active:yes

    then reboot,
    and if the command says its worked and it worked, then your in :)

    Ok, ummm, open cmd and type someting along the lines of ( going by XP)

    Net user Username /add

    eg. Net user sparks /add

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    Re: How to reset password in windows vista home premium for laptop

    Thank you very much for the help Mr.Walter. I already asked my brother, he is just 6 years old. He doesn't remember what he did on my computer. Anyways, i was reading few articles on web and found many people saying Toshiba laptops use to get locked up automatically many times. As you know i am also using Toshiba laptop, they suggested me to remove the backup and pull out the small cell and put it back again. This will fix the problem. I will surely give it a try in next few hours when i reach home and let you know what happens.

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    Re: How to reset password in windows vista home premium for laptop

    There are several Password Rest tools available for download around the web. Why dont you try out any of those tools. This will help you reset your password easily. The one i have used once is stellar phoenix password recovery to reset windows password. This is the easiest way to reset password.

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