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Thread: How to stop searchprotocolhost running?

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    How to stop searchprotocolhost running?

    I am using a Windows Vista system since a month. Since past week it is going slower and slower day by day. After doing some research I came noticed that there are three process taking huge resources and I suspect them slowing down my system. Those are the following processes:
    • searchfilterhost.exe
    • searchprotocolhost.exe
    • searchindexer.exe

    Though I terminate them manually from task manager to free up some resources, they appear again automatically in a minute or two. Until they are not running my system works fine but as soon as they appear, my system gets slow. Can anyone please tell me how can I get rid of these processes? By the way what are these processes related to?

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    Re: How to stop searchprotocolhost running?

    Actually those are related to Windows Search Index. As far as solution is concerned i found an article describing step by step process for enabling or disabling the search indexing on Vista. I think you should follow the same. Here it is: Disable the search indexing

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    Re: How to stop searchprotocolhost running?

    Thank you very much for the help CoYoTeA. That really worked like a charm. No more problems now. I now have a quieter and better running computer - that was a memory hog and I don't mind having slow searches. Help appreciated.

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    Thanx "Ronny", that is the first time an MVP posted a direct, helpful solution to a problem.

    All the techs at MSDN and TechNet seem to not want to post a direct solution to problems like this, seems to be the MS policy: "Jag Off the users and never give them the real easy answer"

    I was reading about SearchFilterHost eating up to 90% of resources, and not ONE MVP posted this Real Easy Solution.. So I X-posted these 2 topics to there.

    Seems that solutions cannot be directly posted there: "Ronny" had to post a LINK to the solutuon HERE. Tell me it ain't so?

    This is about the same thing as Bill Gates looking for his "Movie Maker" Program download using the search engine at MS Downloads->Using the Links provided by MS, he found:

    1) Not ONE link to the installer package he needed
    2) A series of links that installed about 30 MG of crap on to his PC which he dd not need and caused his PC to get screwed up
    3) Not ONE link to any Actual usable installers.

    So, I am not suprised by any of this, it seems to be Standard Op Procedure for MS Reps to never give solutions in MS Tech BBSs.

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    Re: How to stop searchprotocolhost running?

    When loading a bluetooth adapter software it caused numerous problems, one of which was the search protocol host began running. The article worked great. Thanks!

    Dick Wright

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    Re: How to stop searchprotocolhost running?

    hey i just did stop this searchprotocolhost from running by disabling the service via the control panel > system & maintenance > administrative tools > services > shell hardware services (right click properties) change start up type to disabled > hit apply > then hit ok > end process tree in windows task manager.
    Good Luck my Vista is running like a dream now!!! simple fix no programs needed just a little computer savvy

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