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Thread: system event notification service?????

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    sandracfla35 Guest

    system event notification service?????

    I am the administrator on my p.c. And i have two other acccounts on it, my
    account works fine but when we try and sign on to the other accounts it says
    "windows could not connect to the system event notification service . please
    consult your system administrator." And will not let you on can someone tell
    me how to fix this .? PLEASE.

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    ameelu Guest

    RE: system event notification service?????

    i too have been having this problem but havent managed to find the answer,
    however after re-starting my computer the other user has been able to log on.
    im sorry i cant be more helpful!

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    tsukineko Guest

    RE: system event notification service?????


    I have this same problem. I've only just bought this computer with Vista
    Home installed.

    Have re-started but that doesn't help.

    Is there anything else that can help?!

    I've tried Virus & Spy-ware checks and nothing comes up.

    I'd appreciate it if anyone could come up with an idea

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    Kevin5692 Guest

    RE: system event notification service?????

    I am having the same problem with all 3 standard user accounts that I setup.
    I tried deleteing the accounts and re-establishing them and still receive the
    "windows could not connect to the system event notification service."

    I have Norton that causing the problem?

    Hopefully someone can provide a solution on this problem! I don't want my
    kids using the administrator account.

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    tsukineko Guest

    RE: system event notification service?????

    I've spoken with friends in IT and they all say there's no fix. I've looked
    online - Microsoft & their software development website.

    All say good things about SENS - System Event Notification Service as a new
    synchronisation management operational software, which to me just means =
    can't be fixed cause its part of the core of Vista.

    I've provided administrative rights to the other standard user account, but
    you can still use the "Parental Controls" for the kids' accounts to track /
    content control. However, kids are quite smart, they'll probably figure out
    how to disable it before long.

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    SEAN Guest
    so you're saying that, you can provide administrative rights to standard user
    accounts?? That almost seems like its defeating the purpose... but at this
    point, it would be better than not having any standard accounts at all...

    I'm even having trouble reading this page. Did you ever get an answer to
    this question - seems by the # of questions a lot of people are having this
    trouble. I'm having the exact same problem and I'm going crazy because my
    kids are on my computer. If you received an answer can you tell me what it


    In other thread ("standard user loging problems") there was a suggestion to
    run the CMD prompt as administrator and run "sfc /scannow". I ran it and
    afterwards I could log in with "normal" accounts as well. Again, rebooting
    has also helped sometines so I am worried whether this is permanent or
    temporary solution. Anyway, if others have success with this, would you
    please report it here for the benefit of all?


    I just used a system restore from before this mess started
    but if anything offical is released explaining the cause and/or cure for this
    plz post


    I just wanted to confirm that running "sfc /scannow" from the command prompt
    has solved my problems in this respect -> and apparantly in permanent way.
    Seems like some upgrade pack has messed up to registry.



    You saved my bacon! I have been getting a message "Error 193: 0xc1" that
    affected the running of my SENS services in Vista and would not allow my
    Verizon air card to function, which is vital because I travel every week for
    work. I researched almost everywhere on the internet and then I ran your
    registry correction suggestion below (sfc /scannow) from command prompt and
    everything was immediately fixed.

    Awesome! Thanks.

    Thank you Troels! I am new to this Vista Community posting area and am
    surprised that Microsoft doesn't participate. Clearly this is a pervasive
    problem (I've been struggling with it for some time now.) Does MS ever read
    these things and let us poor sufferers know they are working on the problems
    ID'ed here?

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    hemi Guest

    RE: system event notification service?????

    I've been following this thread closely as I am experiencing this as well as
    a few other annoying glitches with Vista. Yesterday I happened to run a
    system restore for an unrelated issue....this morning, to my surprise my son
    was using his own account. I couldn't believe my eyes. Who knows how long
    this will last, but the only thing I had fiddled with was system restore,
    which by the way I happened to select a restore point earlier than when this
    system event notification issue crept up.
    Good may work for others.

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    DianeB Guest

    Re: system event notification service?????

    I had the same problem and so tried "sfc/scannow" after opening command
    prompt as administrator but the result wasn't what I had hoped for. It
    scanned up to 98% and then stopped and this message appeared:

    "Windows resource protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix
    some of them. Details are included in the CBS.Log
    windir\Logs\CBS\CBS\.log. For example C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.log"

    Now, what do I do? :( Anyone know? Help, please! I know a little
    (emphasis on 'little'!) bit about computers, but when this message came
    up I was stuck.

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    DianeB Guest

    Re: system event notification service?????

    Hey, I think I've found something. How about this post I found on
    another site??

    It looks good. Perhaps it will work.....when I have more time and
    patience!!!? Read the fourth post down by user Iquazee.

    'Limited User account cannot log on due to error: \"could not connect
    to the system event notification service\" - MSDN Forums'

    Is this the solution? Ye gads, I don't even really understand it
    totally! :0

    I'm sorry for so many posts in so little time.

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    Rubenwn Guest

    Re: system event notification service?????

    I restored system settings to an earlier point before the problem

    I didn't have the login problem, because i am only using one 1
    But i got a message when i logged in that said there was a problem with
    system event notification service and that none-admin accounts were
    unable to login.
    every time i logged in to my account, the screen went black for 2
    minutes, and when i tried to connect to internet i got an error message
    that said "Windows Wireless is unable to start because of an issue with
    an software." or something like that.

    But after i restored system i didn't get any error messages. I can now
    connect to internet, and the screen doesn't turn black for 2 minutes.

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    Vista relieved Guest

    Re: system event notification service?????

    We too had a sudden system event notification error on an administrator
    log in and had the same troubles as you all have listed. We found that
    system restore was unsuccessful but...when...we unplugged all peripheral
    accessories (USB wireless mouse) included, we were able to restore to an
    earlier date and correct issues. We are safe. hopefully you too. Glad to
    share ; hopefully helps you too.:)

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    Join Date
    Jul 2009

    Re: system event notification service?????

    ok everyone here is the solution,soo fasten ua sit belt,sorry for my poor english,
    the problem u just mentioned is caused by a certain windows updates and it mostly occur in hp computers like mine,so that means the solution is to undo wat u have updated so that u will be back and restored to normal like u were before,now this is how we undo the updates u made,when u turn on ua comp just before the windows starts to load ,just before!!!!!(mark that ),there option in the bottom of the screen which appears for a very short time,very short time,now when these option appear just click F11 INSTANTLY without delaying,then u will be taken to soo called windows recovery(restoring) centre,now from there u can take it by ua own ,that means u will restore ua windows to the day u did the update that screwed you,and this doesnt delete any of ua files so dont worry about that,i hope that will be helpful to u and others cause i had this problem for 2 weeks and i just figured out the solution now and i thought it would be nice to help you too,take care

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    djesi Guest

    Re: system event notification service?????

    Plz Refer to :

    Disabling windows defender may fix the problem, not tired it thou. !!
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