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Thread: Setup.exe has stopped working.

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    ttribbett Guest

    Setup.exe has stopped working.

    When trying to unistall programs from the control panel uninstall application
    I get the following error. I get this error for all programs I have tried to
    uninstall not just one. Any suggestions?

    "Setup.exe has stopped working A problem caused the program to stop working
    correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is

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    Denny Guest

    RE: Setup.exe has stopped working.

    I am having the same problem! Vista is causing me nothing but grief! The
    people at HP dont want to take accountability. It has been one thing after
    another. First Explorer stops working, then Norton doesnt work, now I cant
    unistall software without this "setup.exe is not working" coming up! Someone
    help because I am seriously ready to lose it. $2000 system and it keeps
    failing me. I have had to do 4 system restores since having the computer 10

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    Mar 2009
    I think I have figured out that ethe programs it will nto let me install are
    not Vista Compatible. It stinks but I bought a Registry Cleaner and it
    allowed me to delete theese old programs.

    yes but this isnt about installing uncompatible vista programs. It wont let
    me uninstall camera software which is vista compatible. Vista is so buggy I
    dont know how they could release it with so many problems.

    I got my computer and the Norton Anti Virus doesnt even work!

    You don't think that Norton might be responsible for their
    programs working on Vista?

    For what it's worth, I solved the problem for me by dumping the upgrade I
    did from XP and installing Vista as a custom (clean) install.
    Don't know your situation and I still have it stop maybe once or twice a
    month while I am working. No solution from Microsoft yet.

    Tried to run the game install the game in both 32 and 16 bit, tired to
    run as administrator, tried to run both compatible with XP SP 2 +
    administrator, the game is compatible with windows vista 32-bit. I think
    these details are enough:confused::confused::confused:

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    HarryB Guest

    Re: Setup.exe has stopped working.

    Sorry Folks! I seem to be missing something here.
    This is my first time at a forum of the like, so maybe I am missing the
    obvious but, seems to me that having posted the statement, "Setup.exe has
    stopped working", I did it 'hopeing' there were answers out there. All I see
    is many others suffering the same but no answers of any kind. No solution.
    No indication of practical and positive assistance in ameaningfull solution.
    Is it a case of "Join the club of frustration" and suffer? are ms taking
    some kind of wierd joy in all this or what ?? Sorry! I just don;t get it.

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    Feb 2009

    Re: Setup.exe has stopped working.

    WOW!! you guys are killing me i had to setup an account at 3:48 in the morning for you guys to be able to answer to your question.. its not a problem with vista (sort of) but its just when installing the software you have to go into your file, like when installing a game or software, right click the icon, go into the files of your game or software, RIGHT CLICK on Setup.exe or the execution file that is supposed to setup your software or game then click on RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR then you're good to go!! no need to reformat your hard drive or re-install your OS a thousand times.. right click and Run as Administrator is gonna make your life much easier on Vista! for many softwares and games..
    thank you for your time..

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    wguru Guest

    Re: Setup.exe has stopped working.

    Despite the fix for the subject windows error msg (when users try "installing"), I get the issue when uninstalling, again a bunky $2K+HP.

    I've thus far tried not formatting, instead uninstalling potential progs responsible for a single audio 'POP' during boot up (just before the login screen appears). Not sure, but noticed also the QuickPlay buttons are all non functioning.

    Assume this's all related, one way or another (HP crap ware).

    Oddly the Windows 'error' msg of setup exe has stopped working appeared only after I'd uninstalled everything audio related and of course that was only done after I first reinstalled drivers, but when got to trying to uninstall HP's QuickPlay SlingPlayer & HP QuickPlay Buttons, I'm getting the subject setup not working msg.

    Still waiting after week of pleading for support from HP and receiving nothing but 3 replies back addressing someone else's computer and totally diifferent problems, ie; likely the 3rd world support's cut-pasting of replies (in order to fool their as well, half asleep supervisors).

    Typical of MS, I mean HP. No I mean MS. Oh, hell they're both the same.
    Last edited by wguru; 12-06-2009 at 11:41 AM. Reason: spelling and added rant.

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    wguru Guest

    Re: Setup.exe has stopped working.

    Okay, realized that the issue can be worked around (to get the damned things actually uninstalled) by reinstalling (even though add-remove still says they're installed), then using the uninstallers.

    While this hasn't or isn't yet resolving the audio pop or even the no functional quickplay buttons, at least I figured out why I got the 'error' when first trying to uninstall. It was due to my having used system restore (and the misconboobulations ass-ociated with that wunderful ms utility.

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