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Thread: Low Disk Space on Recovery

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    Low Disk Space on Recovery

    Hey guys, i recently started getting a small problem with my systems. Due to some reasons last week i moved data from old Windows XP PC to new Windows Vista Home Premium using transfer cable. Data moved without any problem but since them i keep getting a message regularly saying "Low Disk Space on Recovery". But when i open 'My Computer' this is what i can see:
    Drive C shows 189 GB free of 226 GB
    Drive E shows 232 GB free of 232 GB
    Drive D (Recovery) shows 28.6 MB free of 6.27 GB

    I have no idea what to do? Can anyone please help me out getting of this problem? I am not sure whether increasing size of Recovery Disk will help you out.

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    Re: Low Disk Space on Recovery

    First of all let me tell you that you should never touch your Drive D (Recovery) partition for anything. This partition is created by your computer manufacturer to enable you to recover your system to a factory shipped condition in case something goes wrong. This will help you make your PC as it was on the first day of purchase. If you have made any Recovery Disc for your system then you can simply delete it and expand your C:\ drive to take up the space.

    Anyway, preventing the Low disc space error is quiet simple. Just click Start, click Control Panel, click on Administrative Tools, select Computer Management and click Disk Management. Here you need to delete the D drive letter. Dont worry this will not harm any of your data. In case in future you need to get it back again you can simply assign the drive letter and it will be back.

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    RE: Low Disk Space on Recovery

    Thank you very much for the help unidentified. But i got a huge problem now. As per your suggestions i went to Control panel > administrative tools > disk management. Here on the right side i clicked on more actions > all tasks > Format. This has just removed the entire Data from my Recovery D partition.

    Now what?

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    Re: Low Disk Space on Recovery

    How Can I Clear Up More Space In My Recovery D FOR VISTA??

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    Re: Low Disk Space on Recovery

    To obtain some space just browse that drive and attempt to look in favor of a folder called backup and remove the entire old backups and maintain the majority recent one simply and your difficulty would be set. This difficulty occurs for the reason that backup is created automatically daily or weekly within this portion affect it to be completely used. And, I would suggest don't plan in support of removing D partion as it restrain factory image which will help you in restoring the system for fear that if it collide in future.

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