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Thread: Vista Blue Screen of Death???

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    _KMFDM_ Guest

    Vista Blue Screen of Death???

    I have been running Windows Vista Home Premium x32 for 2 months. Everything
    was running fine until recently - I've started getting a BSOD every so often.
    All my drivers are up to date, and I've used the microsoft memory diagnostic,
    which reports no errors. Anyway...

    The screen dump is as follows:

    STOP 0X0000007E
    (0XC0000005, 0X8C9B26FD, 0X878C1B38, 0X878C1834)

    tdx.sys Address 8C9B26FD base of 8C9A8000, Datestamp 454b2f

    Can anybody shed some light on what's causing this error? Any help would be
    much appreciated!

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    Synapse Syndrome Guest
    Did you install anything recently?

    The only relevant information that I could find from MS KB is the following
    article based on part of your error message: tdx.sys

    Windows Vista may stop responding when you install software that adds legacy
    network drivers:

    You may need to contact MS support for hotfix and good luck.

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    _KMFDM_ Guest
    thanks for the tip! I installed that hotfix and the BSOD disappeared...
    temporarily, until I received another a few hours later stating

    After running verifier.exe, it turns out that I have 5 unsigned drivers,
    which are all part of "Eset Smart Security BETA 1b" (the future version of
    NOD32). The BSODS started about a day after I installed this, so I think I
    might have located the problem,

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    Gary G. Little Guest
    Can you back off to the release version of NOD32? I've been using NOD32
    since it was released for VISTA for 8 months now with nary a problem.

    Also ... how tight do you have things screwed down on Verifier? Did you take
    the standard settings or set all options?

    To everyone who is having problems regarding bsod. This could be because of a number of things. I got the blue screen of death because I installed a driver that wasn't compatible. If this is your case what I recommend (this is what I did) put your computer into safe mode-when computer is booting press F8 to allow you this option. Once in safe mode, go to control panel and click on system. You will see the what is causing the problem as there will be a yellow warning sign next to the faulty hardware thats causing the trouble. Hey it worked for me. Let me know how you get on or correct me if I'm wrong about this.

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    rcmichelle Guest

    Re: Vista Blue Screen of Death???

    you can try this one:

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