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Thread: bootmgr missing

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    squibby Guest

    bootmgr missing

    Last night I downloaded some software installed it then turned off my laptop.
    this morning all I can get is 'BOOTMGR is missing press Ctrl+Alt+Del to
    restart'. I'm only running vista on my laptop and dont get a backup disk with
    the laptop. what can I do?

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    Ian Betts Guest

    Re: bootmgr missing

    You did not say what you downloaded. You sound as if you have an attack on
    you boot manger from a virus. If it starts run your virus protector.

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    squibby Guest

    Re: bootmgr missing

    I downloaded some real player software to enable me to play different media
    formats and real games software. At the moment I can't get past the bootmgr
    is missing mesage I have checked in setup and my hard drive is at the top of
    the boot list as other people have had a problem with the computer trying to
    boot from the wrong drive in set up. I don,t have a vista repair disk as my
    laptop came preloaded with vista. I have made a backup of my computer noto my
    usb hard drive, would I be able to boot from this external hard drive?

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    pinkladyjay Guest

    RE: bootmgr missing

    im having exactly the same problem. i have a back up disk but it still says
    the same thing when i install it. i hope someone can help, if you have
    managed to sort your laptop out please can you let me no how you did it.

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    Phil Hoskins Guest

    RE: bootmgr missing

    Well all I did was run Disk Cleanup, rebooted and bam, missing bootmgr. I
    also have an OEM copy and no disk and I think the partition with the install
    system is gone. When I use another install disk and run repair it doesn't fix
    the problem.

    I tried command prompt and can read the contents of C drive which is all
    there, but there has got to be a way to access it that isn't apparent from
    any of the answers I have read here.

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    Aug 2010

    Re: bootmgr missing

    Hello, I'm getting the problem on my laptop with the "bootmgr is missing" i'm trying to do a clean install of vista on my dell laptop, but my installation disc isn't loading. It looks like it is loading the disc but is stops on a black screen with just the mouse pointer and nothing else. it failed an installation before and had shown an error when it restarted, and now the "bootmgr is missing" error is there and booting from a cd/dvd is not loading my disc to repair or install a new install. has anybody got and clue how to fix this??? thank you :)

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    Re: bootmgr missing

    make sure that installation Cd/DVD is not damaged. Many times it happens due to scratches on the DVD also. Also there are many post available here regarding the same issue. You should take a look on them as well for some help.
    Bootmgr is missing
    BOOTMGR is missing
    Bootmgr is missing - Repair says that's all OK

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    Aug 2010
    Thanks :) this is the first time i took the disc out of it's packet and it had no scratches on the disc. It started to install the first time, but now it doesn't load. I can't take the disc out of my laptop either because it has no eject button, the eject button is a touch pad under the screen which isn't working either.

    ive managed to eject my cd and i looks fine. I'm no expert on computers but i have read about this problem seaching on the internet and all i can find is to use the installation disc to repair it. but the only options i can see to do is boot from the hard drive which says "bootmgr is missing" or boot from the cd which doesn't load. hehe

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    Michael Guest

    Re: bootmgr missing

    How nice. a THREE YEAR OLD thread.

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