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Thread: Playing uncompressed AVI files

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    Fernando Guest

    Playing uncompressed AVI files

    Using CCS64 (Commodore 64 Emulator), I captured an AVI file. CCS64 captures
    uncompressed AVI (huge) files that doesn't require an specific codec.
    I have no problem playing the file on Windows XP (except for being slow...)
    with Windows Media 10, however there is no video displayed if I try to open
    it in Windows Vista with Windows Media 11 (Ultimate, x64). The error
    specifies that I need a codec Y6 (which does not exist)

    Isn't this a problem that needs to be fixed?
    Is there a hotfix available?


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    Adam Albright Guest

    Re: Playing uncompressed AVI files

    A lot of people get confused with AVI files. Unlike other file types
    like MPEG, a AVI is really just a wrapper. In other words a container
    where some more specific file type can lurk inside. Smarter players
    know how to look inside a AVI wrapper and understand what the file
    type REALLY is. Sadly Microsoft doesn't write very smart graphical

    If you play a lot of "AVI" files, take a couple minutes to download
    and install a nifty little free program called GSpot. Funny name, but
    very useful. It will open most AVI wrappers and tell you what file
    type is really inside and more importantly what codecs on your system
    if any should be able to play it. At least you learn what codec the
    file was rendered in so you may be able to fine a codec on the web.

    I suspect your particular problem may be the file is really some
    flavor of DivX. If so, you need a free codec from the DivX site, then
    Media Player may be able to play it. If not and it is a DivX they have
    a free DivX player,plus other way better players like GOM Player can
    play DivX files fine.

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    Fernando Guest

    Re: Playing uncompressed AVI files

    As I said before, this AVI file is uncompressed. It doesn't have a FOURCC
    string, and doesn't require an specific codec. This files I think are called:
    Full-Frame (Uncompressed)

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    Fernando Guest

    Re: Playing uncompressed AVI files

    Just to let you know, that I did donwload GSpot 2.70a, to confirm what I told
    you before.

    It is a RGB Raw bitmap and doesn't require a Codec.

    So why does Windows Vista/MP11 doesn't find the codec for a file that
    doesn't require a codec?

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    PapaJohn Guest

    Re: Playing uncompressed AVI files

    I just made an uncompressed AVI file using VirtualDub and it played fine in
    WMP11 on my XP laptop and my new Vista Home Basic one.

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