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Thread: Windows Vista Control Panel will not open!!!

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    Joey Guest

    Windows Vista Control Panel will not open!!!

    My control panel won't open half the time. It flickers and dims down like I
    closed it immedietly after I open it. Does anyone have any clue what this is?
    Anything associated with the control panel won't work either.

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    Lang Murphy Guest

    Re: Windows Vista Control Panel will not open!!!

    If this is a new PC, have you called the OEM help line to get assistance
    with this problem?

    If this is -not- a new PC, have you tried booting from the Vista DVD and
    repairing the install? If you need info on this, open Help & Support, type
    "startup repair" in the search box, click on the "Startup Repair: frequently
    asked questions" link, click on the "How do I use Startup Repair" link.

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    Sep 2007
    Restart the Software Licensing service son.

    I don't have the original message that this refers to, but I once had this
    problem of Control Panel not opening. Question to original poster: do you
    have a Dell? If so, maybe I can help.

    I have a dell with the same problem, do u have an idea that can help?

    I've got the same problem, with a DELL PC too. Short of the PC restore,
    what do you recommend, EW

    I just discovered the same issue on my new machine too. I had to do a system restore to an earlier date.

    I re-enabled the windows defender service. I have previously disabled it because I have the app, but turns out this somehow confuses the software licensing service into turning windows into reduced functionality mode..

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    soarindude Guest
    The tech support people at SystemMax (WHO ARE AMERICANS IN OHIO by the way)
    gave me a link to the MS Vista hotfix for this problem. I discovered that
    the Games section and the Wlecome Center also did not work on my Vista, just
    as the Hotfix says. You have to contact MS via this link and they will send
    you the Hotfix, but it did work for me, at least it's working right now.
    restarting this service got my contol panel back.

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    dray9911 Guest
    Hello. I came across this forum after doing a google search 'vista
    control panel gone'. i already created an account at
    (there's another thread there). Guess this is a common vista problem
    (that's not making it better).

    One thing I haven't seen associated with the control panel problem is a
    hangup in booting up the computer. I have a 3.5 month old toshiba
    satellite and since saturday morning, it's taking 10 minutes to reboot
    each time.

    When I realized I should do a system restore, that's when I noticed I
    didn't have my control panel.

    Does it sound like the two problems are related?

    I downloaded ad-aware yesterday hoping that would pick something up and
    fix things, but it didn't.

    A true "Gman" would have been on the spot with a solution when it was
    needed: ALMOST A YEAR AGO!! Look at the dates of the posts you reply

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    I had a similar problem with Windows Vista. The symptoms are:
    * Cannot open Control Panel from Start|Control Panel. If you try, it will flash briefly then close after 5 seconds without displaying any contents.
    * You CAN open Control Panel if you navigate to it from Window Explorer. All functions are available.
    * You cannot right-click on the Desktop and select the Personalize... option.
    * The following services are not startable:
    - SL UI Notification cannot be started
    - Software Lisensing cannot be started
    * Also, Vista may periodically announce that your copy of Vista may be invalid (i.e.: pirated), and all attempts to confirm its validity will fail (presumably because of the Software Licensing service problem above).

    I conclude that this is related to video drivers because:
    * Another post specifically mentioned this problem with almost all of the symptoms above as being related to a video driver installation.
    * I re-formatted my machine, and afterwards I tried to re-install the same video driver (in this case, ATI Catalyst Control Center) and it failed to launch, with Vista citing "This program may be harmful").

    How to fix:
    * I wiped my machine, but this is of course drastic.
    * Other reports suggest getting rid of the offending video driver may solve the problem. I would suggest trying to find the latest video driver, which may have resolved its Vista conflict.

    Thanks for your reply.
    The issue was that Software Licensing would NOT restart, even if you go into Services and try to launch manually. This was listed on the symptoms list, above.
    On my newly formatted machine, I did not install the suspect video drivers (in this case, Catalyst Control Center). And so far no problems.

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    Restarting the Software Licensing Service fixed my problem with the Control Pannel/Windows Photo gallery not opening on my Velocity Micro running Vista Ultimate x86.

    I first noticed the problem when Windows Photo Gallery would not open and then upon investigating the problem noticed that the control pannel would not open either.

    Any idea if restarting the Software Licensing Service can be a permanent fix??? This machine is for my Father-in-law and I would like to permanently fix this problem before I replace his existing machine.

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    I created a seperate folder and placed a shortcut of all the programs in the control panel within the new folder on the desktop.
    I restarted windows and tested it. You can open the control panel items in the new folder using the shortcuts.

    you have to install the Windows Vista Service Pack 1
    u can download it from here

    Windows Vista, 32-bit versions Five Language Standalone package for English, French, German, Japanese, or Spanish (Traditional)

    Windows Vista, 32-bit versions All Language Standalone package for all supported Windows Vista languages

    Windows Vista, 64-bit versions Five Language Standalone package for English, French, German, Japanese, or Spanish (Traditional)

    Windows Vista, 64-bit versions All Language Standalone package for all supported Windows Vista languages

    ityped into google -cannot open mmc device manager. -the first
    link led me to microsoft help and support . i clicked -fix it for me-
    and rebooted and i was able to access welcome centre and updater and
    device manager and others that i had been blocked out of for months.
    Gman of Hercules

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    Re: Windows Vista Control Panel will not open!!!

    hey umm i think i caught this virus frum a secruity program called winferno so i deleted everything cause i was losing data so i created a new computer profile and now i cant access anything but internet explorer i need help please anyone

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