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Thread: Remove sample mov files from winsxs

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    GeraldF Guest

    Remove sample mov files from winsxs

    I want to free up some space on my C drive and would
    like to remove the sample TV files that come with Vista
    Ultimate and are found int he winsxs directory. The
    problem, based on new security rules with vista, even
    the administrator has no rights to delete these files.
    How can it be done?


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    Lang Murphy Guest

    Re: Remove sample mov files from winsxs

    I have Ultimate and I have no .mov files in windows\winsxs... must've been
    put there by QT installer or some other app. At any rate... have you tried
    changing permissions on the files in question?


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    Synapse Syndrome Guest
    IIRC, those movie clips (from Apollo 13, Vertigo, etc) were somewhere in the
    Public folder before I deleted them.

    Try to delete them in Safe Mode. As your computer is booting up, keep
    pressing F8, and you will get an option to start in Safe Mode.

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    GeraldF Guest

    Re: Remove sample mov files from winsxs

    Because of problems I was having with network and video
    drivers I had to do an install upgrade. It kept all my
    previous settings and resolved all my video and network
    problems, but place these in the c:\windows\winsxs
    directory. This directory cannot have files removed, as
    full security privlidges are given only to the
    trustedinstaller (not even the administrator). I would
    like to get these files off the system.


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    Ronnie Vernon MVP Guest

    Re: Remove sample mov files from winsxs


    I understand that the winsxs folders looks like a good place to go if you
    are trying to free up space on the drive, since it is huge.

    The problem is that this folder is where the Vista Resource Protection
    lives. It's best to not try and change the security, permissions or try and
    selectively delete files from that folder.

    You might want to start with Disk Cleanup and get rid of all the temp files,
    older system restore points, the windows.old folder (if it is present), etc.

    If hard drive space is getting critical, a good quality external drive is a
    good solution for storing files.

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    GeraldF Guest

    Re: Remove sample mov files from winsxs

    This is a 40 GB drive with nothing but the OS on it. All
    other programs (MS Office etc) are stored on another
    drive. I don't understand why Vista Ultimate has to
    consume 14 GB of space just for the OS. Now if those
    files are critical, they should be able to be moved to
    another drive?

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    Ronnie Vernon MVP Guest

    Re: Remove sample mov files from winsxs

    Your maximum size for System Restore may be way too large, you should adjust
    this. By default Vista sets the maximum size allocated for VSS (Volume
    Shadow Storage) to 15% of the disk size. With some of newer drives, this can
    result in a huge amount of space being allocated and used.

    First, free up all of your disk space by deleting all but the most current
    restore point. Go to Start/All Programs/Accessories/Disk Cleanup and you
    will see the option there.

    Go to Start and type cmd.exe in the results, right click the cmd.exe
    item and
    select the "Run as administrator" option. OK the UAC prompt.

    When the command window opens, type the following.

    vssadmin list shadowstorage

    Press ENTER.

    The result will show the current amount of Used, Allocated, and Maximum
    allowed size for the Volume Shadow Storage on your system.

    The following command will set the maximum amount of disk space used for
    the shadow
    storage to 2GB.

    vssadmin Resize ShadowStorage /For=C: /On=C: /MaxSize=2.0GB
    Press ENTER.

    (type the command as shown, including the spaces)
    You should see a message that the command succeeded.

    This command assumes that your system drive is C:


    Ronnie Vernon
    Microsoft MVP
    Windows Shell/User

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    btw Guest

    Re: Remove sample mov files from winsxs

    So what you are saying is that if you delete files from winsxs it will
    definitely be bad?

    But getting rid of System Restore points and other programs are a good

    Seems like MS opinions and preferences take precedence over those of

    Simply put: If users want a lighter system then users will have a
    lighter system. You may not be the ones to provide the system if you
    refuse to give users what they want.

    B.T.W. selectively deleting files from winsxs can reduce winsxs from
    20GB down to a few hundred Megabytes and still leave you with a stable

    When you do this *experimentally* it is a good idea to backup your
    entire O.S. using whatever method(s) you prefer... or simply start
    experiments on a newly installed system made for experimenting.

    I personally encourage people to do this... as SSD's are quite
    expensive. You will soon learn what winsxs files and folders are really
    needed and I encourage you to post what you learn on a tech forum.

    Say, "NO" to MS bloatware.

    Realize the reason MS MVP's say this is bad is because if you delete
    something that your system will require later then that program will not
    run. That is the risk. Rather than saying, "You can't do that" I say
    these are the risks... do what serves you best.

    If you get good at restoring from a backup you can do what you want
    without fearing ignorance. A good idea for SSD's is to tweak the systems
    on those drives and have a working backup on a standard HDD to fix
    anything that may go wrong on the SSD in no time.

    Like I say, from several Gigabytes down to a few hundred Megabytes and
    working faster and better than any O.O.Box install. You can definitely
    delete those sample movie files without ANY concerns whatsoever.

    You just need to find a way to delete them, whether using an
    alternative O.S. Live CD or taking ownership of the files... they are
    deletable... everything is deletable.

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    btw Guest

    Re: Remove sample mov files from winsxs

    Windows 7 Home Basic Install winsxs after tweaks:

    Size: 191 MB (201,156,180 bytes)
    Size on disk: 210 MB (220,360,704 bytes)

    B.T.W. everything runs fine on my computer...

    except for one program due to missing winsxs file:

    That program is "Eraser 586" a file shredder.

    If I have a problem such as this I simply take my backup winsxs files
    and return them in sections until Eraser works... or install a new
    install and remove winsxs folders till Eraser does not work... either
    way it tells me which winsxs folder group it is... then I can restore
    functionality for the program I need and add that to my permanent winsxs
    folder group.

    Everything else works great:

    System Restore,
    Windows Updates,
    All other programs ... too numerous to list... My Program Files folder
    is quite large...

    Everything is working great.

    An experiential technique I will share with you is to simply make
    copies of all the folders in winsxs... then delete all the files out of
    the folders...

    This gives you the empty folders which take up nothing in terms of

    Then you can start separating these folders into folder groups.

    Group 1 proven mandatory winsxs folders
    Group 2 assumed mandatory winsxs folders
    Group 3 assumed unnecessary winsxs folders
    Group 4 definitely unnecessary winsxs folders

    RAR or ZIP the empty folders.

    It is easy to remove the un-necessary winsxs folders after this by
    simply CUTTING & pasting all winsxs folders from winsxs to a copy of the
    neccessary folders and when asked DO NOT merge folders...

    Whatever copies over was the un-necessary folders.

    Whatever stays in place was necessary.

    This is a fairly quick methods to start with.

    In the definately unnecessary winsxs folder you can place the sample
    music, sample movies, sample TV etc...

    If you do not use Windows Media Center to watch Television with your
    computer and never will then you can do the same with all of the Media
    Center folders...

    However do not do this with the windows media player unless you do not
    want to have windows media player available for playing videos online or
    downloaded to your computer... there are other media players out there
    but I use windows media player...

    I'll never use Windows Media Center to watch Television though with my

    It is really unfortunate that MS does not give users who want better
    options a tool for explaining these things and removing what the user

    200 MB compared to 21 GB is a huge difference... My Mom's computer sits
    at over 20 GB in winsxs after only a year... from games .dll / side by
    side controllers presumably. She plays games with her computer.

    When you try to install a program that will not work because of missing
    winsxs folders / files it will likely tell you its "side by side
    component" is missing.

    It would be great if it would install its own side by side component...
    maybe if enough people lean up their computer through tech forums that
    will happen

    Perhaps tools for leaning up winsxs folders are plausible in the

    Till then it is up to the do it yourself-er. Shame isn't it!

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