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Can't get my Creative Zen Micro to connect

Vista Help

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Old 09-07-2007
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Can't get my Creative Zen Micro to connect

This seems to be a common problem...

I recently upgraded from a Windows 2000 pc to a Vista 32-bit pc. My Zen
Micro worked for my old computer, but Vista cannot find the driver to
recognize the device. It sees the Zen Micro in the Device Manager (see
http://img353.imageshack.us/my.php?i...enmicronk6.jpg ), but it cannot
locate the driver which is supposed to be in Vista as 'Native Support'.

Any Help?

Here are some others who have had the same issue:






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Old 09-07-2007
John Barnes
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Re: Can't get my Creative Zen Micro to connect

Works fine here. Try another USB port that is a direct connect on the MOBO
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Old 10-07-2007
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Can't get my Creative Zen Micro to connect

Are you confusing the Driver software with the Creative utility software?
I have a Zen V plus connected to Vista Ultimate 64 bit and it works fine.
The point is that the "native" driver recognises the Zen for what it
is....... a removable drive !
You should even see an icon that looks like your device.
What you can't do is load the Creative software on the CD that comes with
the player in Vista.
The good news is that you don't need it.
Just cut and paste (drag and drop) stuff to the appropriate folders on the
player just as you would move files around anywhere else.
When you break the USB connection there is a short interval when the player
reorganises its internal libraries to accommodate any files added (or
Another point to remember is that the folders (and those you create
yourself) on the player are merely convenient places to group similar items
BUT the internal organisation of the player is done with the media "tags"
and not where you put them !
(which can explain why sometimes you don't get the exact result you
All in all it should work seamlessly.
When the device is connected just treat it as another set of Folders
(subfolders) and use it accordingly.
Also the point made below may (or maybe not) have a bearing - If in doubt
with USB device don't use a hub but plug it into a motherboard USB socket
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Old 08-08-2007
Renee M
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RE: Can't get my Creative Zen Micro to connect

I am having the same problem with my Zen V Plus and vista 32-bit. I have
tries several USB ports and nothing seems to work. The computer doesn't
recognize it at all.
Any suggestions?
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Old 29-08-2007
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RE: Can't get my Creative Zen Micro to connect

I'm having the same problem with my Zen Micro, which is about two years old -
it worked fine with old Windows ME, but not on Vista HP. My daughter has a
Zen V Plus, and initially, this wouldn't work either on Vista, but now
Creative seem to have 'caught up' and there are various downloads for this on
the Creative website for the Zen Plus.

However, still nothing for the Zen Micro. There's some blather about using
Playsforsure software, but this only seems to be for WMP v10 & XP, and
despite downloading firmware from Creative, still no joy in getting Vista to
'see' my Micro - does anyone know of a solution, or can perhaps tell me
where I'm going wrong with Playsforsure?
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