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Thread: Sleep Mode (really?)

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    Andy Guest

    Sleep Mode (really?)

    Hi everyone,

    I've got a little, but annoying problem. Sleep Mode DOES NOT work! I've
    tried everything and these are the results:
    - Sleep Mode worked only ONCE, at the Logon Screen (or Welcome Screen), when
    I was logged off, but I've tried that environment a lot of times, logged off
    and logged on, and it DOES NOT work anymore!
    - It doesn't work in ANY environment (startup, welcome screen, at desktop,
    in other programs)!
    - The only reaction I get from the computer in Sleep Mode is turning off the
    screen, the computer keeps working.
    - I don't have any different configuration from the time it worked (more
    difficult, eh?)
    My PC is a Sony VAIO VGC-RC210G with:
    - Intel Pentium D 930 (2x3.00GHz)
    - ATi Radeon X300
    - 1GB RAM
    - Vista is activated
    Any solutions? This annoys me. I can't put this computer, when I sleep, into
    Sleep Mode or...

    ....Hibernation! Vista has a Hibernate function??? "_"

    Thanks for any help ^_^

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    Tiberius Guest

    Re: Sleep Mode (really?)

    vista does have hibernation but you may have to turn it on...
    see page :

    follow steps 1 to 4

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    brink Guest

    Re: Sleep Mode (really?)

    Hi Andy,

    I don't know for sure, but it sounds like you have a device (possibly
    network device) that is keeping your computer from going to sleep
    completely. Go to this link to see if it can help you find the


    Hope this helps you,

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    Re: Sleep Mode (really?)

    I fought with this problem for a while, read all the newsgroups tried
    all sorts of suggestions before finding the answer.

    1. Set your BIOS such that the USB devices (such as mouse) cannot wake
    the PC
    2. Switch from Power mode to either Balanced or Power Saver.

    My laptop did not sleep if the Power mode was Performance.

    Good luck.

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