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Thread: Explorer crashes when moving folders with large files

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    PTravel Guest

    Explorer crashes when moving folders with large files

    Recently, I've begun to experience problems with Windows Explorer when
    trying to move large file (1+gb or larger). "Dragging and dropping" will
    cause Explorer to crash and shut down. I have to copy these files from the
    command line.

    I'm running Vista Business. Does anyone have any idea what might be

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    Re: Explorer crashes when moving folders with large files

    I'm having the exact same problem! I've tried using an alternative
    file manager (xplorer2) and I get the same result when dragging and
    dropping. When I right-click on a folder that contains a large file
    (700MB+) and drag it to a different location/folder, the program that
    I used to do the operation (Windows Explorer or xplorer2) crashes
    after I release the mouse button. I began seeing the problem after
    Windows Update updated my installation of Windows Vista Ultimate.
    Here's a listing of the updates that were applied:

    5/11/2007: Update for Outlook 2007 Junk Mail Filter (KB934655)
    5/11/2007: Security Update for Office 2007 (KB934062)
    5/11/2007: Security Update for CAPICOM (KB931906)
    5/11/2007: Update for Windows Mail Junk E-mail Filter [May 2007]
    5/11/2007: Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 7 in
    Windows Vista (KB931768)
    5/11/2007: Update for Office 2007 (KB934393)
    5/11/2007: Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool - May 2007
    5/11/2007: Definition Update for Windows Defender - KB915597
    (Definition 1.18.2540.1)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. As much as I enjoy using the
    command line, I've become a little to accustomed to dragging and

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    krury Guest
    Vista Explorer crashes all the time on me when I am moving files, doesn't
    matter the size. I ran scandisk to make sure the tables were good, but still
    a problem. Sometimes when I do a cut and paste it doesn't actually move the
    source, I have to then delete the source as another step. Much less reliable
    then Explorer. Tried updating mouse and keyboard drivers also.

    I have the same problem. bought a Sony VGN-FE41Z with Vista home Premuin
    installed. Explorer crashed the day i turned it on and worked for a little
    while. Now it's just stopped working all together. To much hastle sending it
    back to Sony and when i have spoken to them they say it's a problem with
    Microsoft. Am not using the explensive, £1400 machine until there is a fix
    avaiable. My desktop running XP has nevfer given me a problem like this. come
    on Microsoft, the WOW factor for Vista hasn't started yet. I would not
    recommend purchasing Vista until all the bugs are resolved. Mhen my desktop
    finally dies i may consider a Mac.
    Has anyone managed to work out what update may have caused this problem?

    I also have the same problem. I have a Sony Vaio and whenever I try & drag &
    drop a file using Windows Vista Explorer, Explorer crashes. I hope somebody
    from Microsoft reads this and implements a fix. This is pathetic.

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    Julie Guest
    I have the same problem. I have a Vaio with Vista Business. Every time I try
    to move a file or folder of any size in Windows Explorer it stops working,
    looks for a solution, directs me to the MS website, where the instructions
    suggest going into Programs and Features and repairing Internet Explorer.
    However, Internet Explorer does not appear in Programs and Features. I don't
    know where it is.

    The other solution MS suggests is to make a change to the registry, but I'm
    a bit frightened of trying that.

    A few times the suggested solution was an update, which I duly tried to
    download only to see a message telling me I already had it.

    This has been going on for weeks, although most MS programs, especially
    Office and Explorer, have been kooky since I bought this laptop six months
    ago. Lots of crashes. Surprisingly unreliable and time-consuming. Very

    Would be extremely grateful for any help.

    At least you received a reply from MS. Can you please post the Registry
    change that MS suggested. I'm willing to try it.

    Thanks heaps for the solution & the clear instructions so someone like me
    who does not play with Windows could easily implement it. Problem fixed 10
    mins after reading your post! BTW, problem still persisted even if Wireless
    turned off.
    ShellExView solved the problem for me. In my case it was Nero BackupItUp
    which was the culprit (NBShellHook).

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    cmeredith3005 Guest

    Re: Explorer crashes when moving folders with large files

    OK, I think I've got it licked. I had managed to solve the problem once
    and forgot to post a solution. I started having the problem again out
    of nowhere and had to search for a solution all over again. So, here's
    saving everyone some grief.

    It turns out that the drag and drop shell extension for the bluetooth
    information exchanger on Sonys was causing the problem. You can simply
    disable the drag and drop handler and solve the crashing problem.
    You'll lose a small bit of functionality when it comes to your ability
    to drag and drop to bluetooth, but that should hardly affect any of us.
    Bluetooth will continue to work and there are alternatives to dragging
    and dropping for bluetooth file transfers, etc..

    While it's possible to modify the registry to disable this handler, I
    didn't want to take the time to track down the right keys using
    SysInternals or anything along those lines. A much simpler solution is
    to use a tool called ShellExView.

    Download the program from shexview_setup.exe

    Here's the source page detailing the app:
    'ShellExView - Shell Extension Manager For Windows'

    1) Download and install ShellExView.
    2) Launch ShellExView.
    3) Locate the entry with the Extension Name of Bluetooth Information
    Exchanger (Type = Drag & Drop Handler) (Description = TosBtExt) and
    select that entry.
    4) Right click and choose Disable Selected Items.
    5) Exit ShellExView. (I'd leave it installed in case you need to muck
    around with that setting again)

    That's it.

    Credit goes to Drew on this page where I found the solution:
    ' - Home'

    For non-Sony users that might be experiencing nearly identical
    symptoms, I'd recommend turning off all Drag & Drop Handlers using
    ShellExView (sort by the Type column to group them together first).
    Then enable them one at a time and keep retesting the system until you
    find the extension that causes your system to choke.

    I'm sure everyone has been coping with this problem for weeks/months
    like I have and it's a tremendous relief to sort this out. My system
    has been getting quite messy.

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    dan9463 Guest
    This ShellExView solution worked for me too. Disabling the Bluetooth
    Exchanger did the trick. Huge help!
    After three sittings searching for a solution to Xplorer2
    crashing during drag and drop, this ShellExView worked for me too.

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    Jul 2010

    Re: Explorer crashes when moving folders with large files

    the same exact problem happend with me
    but :( i got win 7x64 not vista
    and i am copy my files over a network i download that program that u told us about
    but i cant find the same discription that u said about so i would like from u to take alook pelase so we can check if the problem from some service
    note as u see i disable the bluetooth service and i still got the same problem

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