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Thread: Add/Remove Programs Problem

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    Dummy:} Guest

    Add/Remove Programs Problem

    Tried to install Sony Picture Package and now when I try to play a DVD my
    computer crashes to blue screen. When I try to shut down computer crashes to
    blue screen. I cannot put any DVD or CD into D drive as it crashes as soon as
    it starts to read from the drive. Have work around from Sony which says to
    remove "Sony Handycam USB Driver 2" through Add/Remove Programs. When I try
    to do this it tries to install and comes up with error message saying unable
    to install on this OS. Is there anything I can do? Please help.

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    skypapa Guest

    RE: Add/Remove Programs Problem

    I had the same problem with XPMCE.
    Couldn't resolve it and was going to have to reinstall XP so I thought I
    would install Vista upgade that came with xp purchase.
    I just hooked my handycam up to a spare usb port and vista found a driver
    and I use Nero for mpg manipulation. Didn't install picture package.
    This doesn't help you if you're already running vista, sorry.

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    Jim Brown Guest

    RE: Add/Remove Programs Problem

    I have exactly the same problem, for the same reason. I found that updating
    the Sony USB driver cured the rebooting problem but I still get a creash when
    I insert a CD or DVD with data on it. CD drive is OK with an actial programme
    to install, but directly I put a video DVD in, for example, to upload from my
    camera, it crashes.
    If you get a solution I would be grateful if you would pass it on.

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    steph94 Guest

    RE: Add/Remove Programs Problem

    I have exactly the same problem.
    I installed PIcture package on Vista, forcing it through execute as an
    Now I have blue screen when I shutdown or it never shutdowns.
    I uninstall Picture package and installed PMB, as recommended on Sony web
    It continues to go to blue screen or n shutdown.
    When It restarts, it says the error is coming from picture package that I
    uninstalled !!!
    No help available on this ?
    Thanks in advance.

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