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Thread: Access Denied to C: drive

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    Michael Guest

    Access Denied to C: drive

    I cannot access my one and only hard drive C: on my Vista Home Ed laptop. I
    attempted to change permission on a file and subsequently locked mysel out of
    the laptop. I cannot do anything. I cannot change user controls, install or
    delete any program, switch users or anything. Access is totally denied to the
    harddrive. I am the only user with only one user account, my name as
    administrator. I cannot access or add an administrator account. Can anyone
    help me or offer any suggestions? Please do not recommend changing
    permissions because I cannot write to or delete from the hard drive. Thank
    you in advance.


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    Engel Guest

    RE: Access Denied to C: drive

    Have you tried these operations running in safe mºde?

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    Victor Guest
    It really shouldnt be possible to lock out everyone including the main admin
    account by changing NTFS permissions on a single folder. To be honest it
    sounds more like a Windows activation issue. IF you didnt activate the
    software within 30 days of installation, it takes away all write permissions
    to the system partition. At my firm we experienced some authentication key
    issues where activation was performed but later the system thought it hadnt
    been. I would check the computer properties and see if it is activated. If
    you had been "locked out" of the drive you wouldnt be able to navigate
    through it at all.

    That must have really started the Wow for you guys. =)

    I have tried accessing the drive in safe mode and through a DOS prompt. To no

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    Michael Guest

    RE: Access Denied to C: drive

    I am the only user of my laptop and I amnot sure what I did exactily. I was
    trying to find a folder that was not showing, I think it was a hidden or
    system folder, and I tried to give myself permission to see the folder when
    this happened. Should I take the laptop to a repairman and will he be able to
    access the C: drive and allow me back in?

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    Re: Access Denied to C: drive

    even i have faced somewhat the same problem.....i cannot access my one and only one C: drive in VISTA even being the Admin..
    I cannot install any programs...cannot restore the system as it returns the error code.
    The other solution i got from sites is that if you have the original installation CD--the same copy installed on the system, then u can repair the OS by using that CD.

    I am sure the above link will solve your problem.

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