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Thread: usb serial controller driver?

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    alien Guest

    usb serial controller driver?

    Hello all. I am stuck. I have an external modem that is
    connected with a serial plugin. My pc has no serial plugs so
    I have to use a serial to usb adapter. It used to work with
    xp. But I did a clean install with vista and now I cant get
    it to work. It searches for drivers or what not but cant find
    a solution. I have no idea where the disk was that came with
    the adapter. **been a few years** Are there any usb serial
    controller drivers for vista? Any points in the right
    direction is greatly needed. I have googled for an answer but
    just come up confused. Thanks to all who reply.

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    Don Guest

    Re: usb serial controller driver?

    Can you still boot XP? You could at least tell what driver is
    used in XP and start searching from there. You could also try
    to convince a friend with XP to let you plug in your modem and
    see what drivers it wants to install.

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    alien Guest

    Re: usb serial controller driver?

    yes. I will have to do that in the next few days. I am having all sorts of
    probs with hardware on my desktop. My new laptop came with vista on it and
    the serial to usb cable doesnt work on it either. Funny part is. I think I
    was just using some old generic usb serial controller drivers for xp. I may
    search around for controller drivers for xp and just go from there like ya
    say. I may just go out tomorrow and buy another cable with an install disk
    all together. And just make sure its vista compat.
    On a side note my modem isnt working either. An old conexant 56k modem.
    It is detected by vista and recognized, just wont dial out. Hehe I gues I
    just need to upgrade some hardware on my desktop. Thanks for your reply!

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    DanR Guest

    Re: usb serial controller driver?

    We have a Vista laptop at work with a serial to USB adaptor that works fine.
    So there is hope.

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    Steve Thackery Guest

    Re: usb serial controller driver?

    I've got a Rotronic USB-to-serial adapter cable, and the driver for that
    comes with Vista. It works perfectly.

    I've also got a Belkin USB to serial adapter (F5U103) and Vista won't
    recognise it.

    It all depends on which chipset the adapter uses, presumably, but the good
    thing is that some of them DO work with Vista.


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    Hugh Wyn Griffith Guest

    Re: usb serial controller driver?

    Prolific is one of the chips used in USB to Serial adapters.

    I have one for my Nokia phone that I could not get working under XP nor
    now under VISTA. It's a third party cable so Nokia deny responsibility
    but I was able through Device Manager to check that it used a Prolific
    chip and got a driver for it but it still didn't work.

    One thing Nokia say is that you have to make sure that it gets
    allocated a COM port.

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    alien Guest

    Re: usb serial controller driver?

    hey all. Thanks for the replys. A buddy of mine had and extra cable and
    it works fine. I finally got my modem to work as well. I am giving vista
    love now. My brother bought his upgrade today. Vista is like a virus. :)

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    NotMe Guest

    Re: usb serial controller driver?

    Hantavirus? 96% Fatal? LMAO

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    Hugh Wyn Griffith Guest

    Re: usb serial controller driver?

    That is good to know -- perhaps I'd better fork out for the Nokia

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