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low disk space on d drive

Vista Help

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Old 28-04-2007
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low disk space on d drive

i have a new computer and it came with vista home basic. i read the
directions on transferring files from my old computer so i did it. i only
wanted it to transfer from the c drive but it still transferred the d drive
too. so now i keep getting pop ups stating that i have low disk space on the
d drive. i have tried a restore and a total recovery but that didnt help.
anyone have any ideas how to free up space on the d drive? i guess its not
really a problem it just drives me nuts!

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Old 28-04-2007
Lang Murphy
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Re: low disk space on d drive

If you're saying you think you should have 20GB free space on that drive but
you're getting these "low disk space" msgs, then maybe Vista System
Protection is enabled for your D: drive. There are a few ways to get
there... I prefer to right click on the "Computer" icon on the deskop,
select Properties from the popup menu, in the window that appears (Control
Panel > System and Maintenance > System) click on the System Protection link
in the Tasks list on the left hand side of the page, click the Continue
button if the UAC dlg pops up, and then you'll see the system protection tab
in the systems properties dlg box. If your D: drive has a check mark, then
Vista is automatically creating restore points -for- the D: drive -on- the
D: drive, which may be taking up considerable space.

If the D: drive does not have system protection enabled, then you just have
too much stuff on it and it's up to you to free up space on your D: drive.
Either delete some stuff, move some stuff to another drive (like C: or an
external USB drive) or burn stuff to a DVD as a backup and delete from D:.

Restoring and recovery will do nothing to free up space on your hard drive.
Unless you have system protection enabled for drive D: and disable it, which
will, I believe (others in this NG will correct me if I'm wrong) delete the
existing restore points for that drive and free up some space.
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Old 28-04-2007
Cal Bear '66
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Re: low disk space on d drive

Is your D: drive a system restore partition created by the manufacturer of your
computer to enable you to recover to a factory default setup? If it is, I would
just leave it alone, unless you have created DVD or CD recovery disks.

How big is your D: drive? If it is very small (< 10 GB, or so), I would leave it
alone as it is most likely a recovery partition. Have you consulted your User

If the warning bothers you, you can go into disk management and unassign a drive
letter, and the pop-ups will probably disappear.
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Old 29-04-2007
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Re: low disk space on d drive

it is 5.75 gb and it says that 2.33 mb is available. i have made back up
disks from this drive and deleted what i could but it still says it is full.
i tried changing the drives letter but that didnt help. can i delete it?
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Old 29-04-2007
Cal Bear '66
Posts: n/a
Re: low disk space on d drive

Did you make the backup disks (CDs or DVDs) using a utility provided by the
manufacturer (NOT the Vista backup program)? If yes, then you could go ahead and
delete it and expand the C: drive using Disk Management to include the extra
space. If you used Vista's backup program and you deleted things from it, it
might be useless anyway as a restore option.

I, personally, would just not assign it a drive letter and ignore it. It is
such a small space and provides extra assurance that you will be able to restore
your system to a factory state in case something happens to the recovery disks.
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Old 18-11-2010
Join Date: Nov 2010
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Re: low disk space on d drive

Go to windows help and click search "hide taskbar" then click on "open taskbar and startup properties then click on notification area, on the right side of ICONS click Customise scroll down to " low disk space " then click on HIDE. It will not remove it but it will keep the notice warning from popping up again.
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