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Thread: Windows Explorer (Not Responding)

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    Schmiday Guest

    Windows Explorer (Not Responding)

    I recently installed Windows Vista Business and every time I open windows
    explorer it freezes then restarts. It says Windows explorer has stopped
    working and Windows is looking for a solution then just restarts and does the
    same thing.
    Nothing works I cant even get into my recycle bin or the control panel.
    Please Help

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    Bill Eichner Guest

    Re: Windows Explorer (Not Responding)

    That's happening to me all-to-frequently basis with Vista Home Premium. It
    does resume but it's very annoying. I'm about ready to switch back to XP as
    Vista is just too unstable. I'm growing very tired of beta testing an
    operating system I paid for.

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    Adrian Guest

    Re: Windows Explorer (Not Responding)

    I too had the same problem. I spoke to the Tech from the shop I bought it
    (Vista home Premium) and was told that "occasionally a CD was faulty so bring
    it back and we'll test it" they tried to instal on another "vista ready" PC
    still no go so they replaced the CD for me. Still no joy. I have now
    reverted back to XP as it is at least stable. I have come to the conclusion
    that I have wasted my money buying Vista.
    I upgraded my PC to have all the latest gadgets Core Duo processor,PCIe 4gig
    memory and 2x 320gig SATA running in Raid0 so I should have expected that
    Vista would at least attempt to run.

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    Lang Murphy Guest

    Re: Windows Explorer (Not Responding)

    Upgrade occurs from within the existing OS... insert the Vista DVD while
    logged into XP desktop and kick off the Vista install. The upgrade attempts
    to capture/migrate all your existing software into the Vista install.

    A clean install occurs when you boot from the Vista DVD and install from
    there. The clean install does not capture/migrate all your existing software
    into the Vista install. You must reinstall all software after doing a clean
    install. If you don't format the drive on which you're installing Vista, it
    will move some Windows stuff into a directory named Windows.old from which
    you -might- be able to get back to XP without reinstalling it if you follow
    somewhat detailed work instructions available in a MS KB article. If you
    format the drive during the clean install, you've cast all XP artifacts to
    the wind and must start from scratch if you want to go back to XP. And, of
    course, you'll have to back up all your data prior to doing the clean
    install (not that you wouldn't with an upgrade, but... well, you know...)

    I've only done clean installs with Vista, formatting the HD's during
    install, and my Vista experience has been positive. Yes, IE has stopped
    working a few times over the past couple of months, but by and large, things
    have been good. Needless to say, I recommend clean installs of Vista.

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    there is an update to fix that issue with explorer, i will post the fix here
    in the next day or two. pretty busy right now, but if you want search the
    posts in this ng and others have posted the fix more than once

    I look forward to you posting this fix soon as I have not yet located it
    elsewhere. I have also been having problems with random freezes under Vista
    Home Premium despite a clean installation and the latest hardware drivers for
    Vista. Thanks!

    DNS may be the answer for only a minority of instances of Explorer hanging,
    but it solved the problem for me

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    Ron Miller Guest

    Re: Windows Explorer (Not Responding)

    The description of the Vista problems in the article sounds very similar to
    what I've been experiencing. I can't determine, however, what the alternate
    DNS server is on my network. I connect through a router and my Internet
    connection is through a cable modem and Comcast broadband service. Running
    the IPCONFIG command reveals that my connection-specific DNS suffix is The IP address of my router is I checked
    online and found that Comcast has two DNS servers nationwide, a primary and
    secondary. Here are the ping statistics for each:


    Pinging with 32 bytes of data:

    Reply from bytes=32 time=65ms TTL=47
    Reply from bytes=32 time=62ms TTL=47
    Reply from bytes=32 time=63ms TTL=47
    Reply from bytes=32 time=62ms TTL=47

    Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
    Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 62ms, Maximum = 65ms, Average = 63ms


    Pinging with 32 bytes of data:

    Reply from bytes=32 time=24ms TTL=51
    Reply from bytes=32 time=27ms TTL=51
    Reply from bytes=32 time=24ms TTL=51
    Reply from bytes=32 time=25ms TTL=51

    Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
    Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 24ms, Maximum = 27ms, Average = 25ms

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    Lang Murphy Guest

    Re: Windows Explorer (Not Responding)

    Downloaded some Vista training materials from the MS connect site and found
    out that my assumptions about clean vs. upgrade were somewhat off the mark.
    One can do a clean install from within the current OS. Although I haven't
    found it yet, I assume one could do an upgrade from booting to the DVD. Live
    and learn...

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    CMHyche@Bigfoot.Com Guest

    Re: Windows Explorer (Not Responding)

    I was having the same problems...I have 5 hard drives (3 internal and
    2 Firewire) and 4 network drives...disconnecting the network drives
    helped slightly but I was still having a lot of hangs with
    explorer...Just a little earlier I went to the Indexing Service
    settings and removed all of my hard drives from it (I only left
    Outlook in it) and low and behold Vista perked right up...
    Haven't run this way long so I can't say that this is definitively
    fixed but I have tried a number of things that were causing the hangs
    and my machine hasn't flinched yet(even after reconnecting the network
    May be something for y'all to try...

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    CMHyche Guest
    Another update...turns out my main problem was that I had a DVD-ROM in
    the drive...Explorer was taking forever to enumerate it...Took the DVD
    out and Vista seems to act more like I would expect. Seems like I had
    a few problems with that drive in XP also, like crashing the OS when I
    read a DVD-R disk. So my problem is probably a partially bad DVD

    I Have The Same Problem With Vista Basic I Log In And Get The Explorer Not
    Responding But Every Time It Restarts It Says It Again With A Bit Of Patience
    I Can Get Programs To Work (some) But Some Just Close When Windows Restarts I
    Also Get Messages Like Surrow Gate Has Stop'd Working

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    spawnocula Guest

    RE: Windows Explorer (Not Responding)

    I had the same problem. I have a workaround if System Restore fails to
    correct this. For me, It even occured in Safe Mode.
    1. Make your way to starting Internet Explorer
    2. on the address bar type:"control panel"
    3. go to User Accounts...-> Add User account-> Create New "Admininstrator"
    4. Shut down manually if you have to and reboot and access the new Admin
    You will now have new account with all original programs still installed and
    access to old files via either:
    a. Internet exporer-> Address bar-> type: C:\users\ your old user account name
    b Start button-> computer-> C:\Users\ you old user account name.

    * You'll find here folders which will contain you old docs, downloads, etc
    from you old account.

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    Nov 2007
    SFO and Shanghai, China

    Windows Explorer not responding in Vista

    For those of you who received (Not Responding) on your Windows Explorer a few seconds right after reboot I would like to share my past finding on an obviously a major bug in the lastest patch from Microsoft for Windows Vista.

    It took me almost two full days trying to diagnose the problem and eventually found where the cuase is.. Wish to report the problem back to Microsoft but they have no way for me to get in support easily and I have to pay $59 for tell them what they made a major mistake?

    Anyway, on November I installed the new patch KB941649 (I also installed KB941600 and KB905866, but I think that was the criminal one). It updated a Control Panel Item timedate.cpl to 698KB. From that point on I could not get my system up as normal. About a minute or so after the reboot the system will go into a sleep mode and the first one is the Windows Explorer. Tried almost everything from disabling unrecognized services to unknown startup process and nothing seems helped.

    Well, if you have the same problem, here is what you can do ...

    1. boot system
    2. right click task bar as soon as system gets up and select Property
    3. on the Notification Area tab, unclick the "Clock"
    4. hit Ok and see if you can log off to save the changes
    5. when you get the system back up rename the timedate.cpl in
    %Windows root%\System32 folder to timedate-cpl.bad

    Let me know if you find it does not work for you or questions.

    Good luck!

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    May 2008

    Vista Black Screen

    I was searching the internet for a solution to the Black Screen problem that I recently experienced, which lead me to this page. I read and tried all of your solutions to no avail. I finally was in the task manager looking at what was making the computer so slow and not load Vista properly. Come to find out my anti-virus software was not compatible with Vista. I had to upgrade it to a newer "Vista friendly" version. I hope that this information is helpful to someone.

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    Jul 2009

    Re: Windows Explorer (Not Responding)

    So this has been going on since 2007? Whew.

    Vista Premium is the first Windows OS I've noticed this happening with; of course I've gotten hangs and freezes with everything dating back to the Apple ][, but Vista seems particularly hang-happy. In general it's Mozilla Firefox, but I think that's because it's the program I launch the most. It can even be a Control Panel that becomes nonresponsive. (The most ironic poart is that the Task Manager often freezes, but doesn't tell you it's hung! Or perhaps the most ironic part is that when the "Windows is searching for a solution to this problem" window comes up, it stays up forever, or until you reboot.)

    I've tried a lot of fixes, including
    • Cleaning fans.
    • Clearing out the "temp" folder.
    • Clearing my browser cache and setting its value to 8 MB.
    • Setting the page swap file to the recommended value, min and max the same value.
    • Swearing profusely.

    And it should go without saying that Windows Update is turned to automatic updates, and hardware drivers are up to date also.

    Not that it would help, but I can't go to Microsoft; I got scammed by a company (3BTech) who sold me an OEM version of Vista Premium at full price.

    Any fixes, or diagnostics, would be most welcome.

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    Jan 2010

    Re: Windows Explorer (Not Responding)

    Hello. im having the the same problem but it is different. My windows explorer is not working so when i turn on my laptop, it comes up with windows explorer is not responding and a BLACK SCREEN with NOTHING on it at all. No starrt menu, no taskbar, no dock, no sidebar, no EXPLORER. I open task manager and try NEW TASK: EXPLORER.EXE but It doesnt work. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!

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    Sep 2010

    Re: Windows Explorer (Not Responding)

    This is happening to me after i got rid some virus's
    Every time i log onto my user account windows explorer doesn't respond then restarts then repeats as soon as i log on
    But the other user account on my accounts doesnt have the problem at all and works normally
    I figured that it would still have a virus somewhere in my system but my virus scanner ESET NOD32 isnt picking up anything
    what can i do?

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