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Thread: Sony DCR-HC21 not recognised by Vista

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    kess1979uk Guest

    Sony DCR-HC21 not recognised by Vista

    I have upgraded to Vista and my Sony DCR-HC21 is not recognised by my machine
    any more, no "new hardware found" wizards.... nothing! I have it connected
    via firewire into my Pinnacle 700-USB since I don't have a firewire
    connection on my Dell which is less than a year old (yeah?! - I was just as
    shocked!). Any idea how I could strangle Vista and force it to recognise my

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    Cari \(MS-MVP\) Guest

    Re: Sony DCR-HC21 not recognised by Vista

    Give your PC a treat and buy it a PCI firewire card.

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    kess1979uk Guest

    Re: Sony DCR-HC21 not recognised by Vista

    Cari, I've spent a fortune on the Pinnacle 700-USB, which is recognised by my
    computer perfectly well. But when I attach my dv camcorder to the firewire
    port (as I would normally on XP) there is no sound or wizard to say "new
    hardware found". Although the dv camcorder does display "DV in" on the
    screen. The reason I'm sticking with the Pinnacle 700 USB is because it
    worked fine with XP and the Pinnacle software does the job quite well.

    I don't see how spending more money (even if a PCI firewire card is cheap)
    is a "proper" solutions to a problem which I'm guessing is either due to
    Microsoft or Sony.

    Any other suggestions?

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    Cari \(MS-MVP\) Guest

    Re: Sony DCR-HC21 not recognised by Vista

    Is the camcorder in vcr mode and powered by A/C (rather than its own

    If you reboot the PC with the camcorder attached, is there any change... ie
    is it found?

    Do you have the correct IEEE1394 entry in Device Manager?

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    kess1979uk Guest

    Re: Sony DCR-HC21 not recognised by Vista

    Yes the camcorder is in vcr/playback mode and powered by the A/C. I have
    also rebooted the machine with the camcorder attached, no changes at all.

    I've had a look in the Device Manager and I cannot find IEEE1394 anywhere,
    there is however Pinnacle Systems 700-USB Device present under "Sound, video
    and game controllers"

    Any ideas?

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    Cari \(MS-MVP\) Guest

    Re: Sony DCR-HC21 not recognised by Vista

    If you have no entry in Device Manager for IEEE 1394 Bus host controller, it
    would suggest to me that the firewire port on the USB device isn't being
    seen at all by Windows... which would of course explain the non detection of
    the camcorder.

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    kess1979uk Guest

    Re: Sony DCR-HC21 not recognised by Vista

    Hmm.... that's the only thing I can think of aswell. Anybody have any ideas?
    The Pinnacle 700-USB is being recognised by Vista in exactly the same way as
    in XP.

    Please help!

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    otakushade Guest

    Re: Sony DCR-HC21 not recognised by Vista

    The drivers needed to connect most SonyŽ cameras and camcorders to a
    computer are already included in the Windows Vista and Windows XP
    operating systems. With these drivers, you should be able to connect and
    transfer files to a computer......

    I'm running windows XP and i had the problem of my computer never
    recognizing my camera... USING USB... What i did to fix it is---- go
    into the CAMERAs menu by opening the lcd screen on the side of the
    camera by touching the "FN" button at the bottom right of the LCD
    screen. Then touch the "MENU" button... now go down through the menu
    until you see "USB STREAM" now go into it and turn it to YES (on).... I
    did this while the camera was plugged into the USB cable and it
    recognized it instantly. If your trying to use Firewire or other cables
    you MAY have to turn USB STREAM *OFF* ... i'm not sure but i hope i
    helped someone out there i know many people are having problems with
    these Sony DCR-HC21 Digital Cameras... You should not have to use
    Picture package because i can use my camera with WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER...


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