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Thread: "the system administrator has set policies to prevent installation

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    Flagreen Guest
    I am using Vista Ultimate and have installed Adobe Premiere Elemnts 3 on it.
    When I try to update Premiere with a patch I get a popup saying... "the
    system administrator has set policies to prevent installation". I have tried
    taking ownership of all the relevant files and making surethat they aren't
    set as being read only. I have tried applying the patch as the administrator.
    I have even triend turning off User Account Control. Nothing works however.
    Any ideas as to what policy I may have set wrong?


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    jaxsen Guest

    RE: "the system administrator has set policies to prevent installa

    I am having similar problem with installing itunes-- i have tried nearly
    everything except for dropping my computer from a 100 story building.
    Microsoft must have some type of policy that should be able to be disabled by
    an administrator. Someone please help.

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    Flagreen Guest
    I found the answer myself. If you open the start menu and select run type
    secpol.msc then OK. A menu will appear. Select local policies then secutrity
    options. Scroll down to "user account control" settings of which there are
    several. Diabling the very first setting is what finally worked for me.
    Suprizingly enbough I had previously tried turning off User Account Control
    the normal way but found it did not work. Thankfully it worked this way. Your
    milege may vary.

    I am using windows home premium and 'secpol.msc' is not available. That is
    one of the 100 things I have tried. I wonder if those options are not
    configurable on Vista Home Premium. Anyone?

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    jaxsen Guest
    I found out that it is true that 'secpol.msc' is not available on windows
    vista home premium. the only workaround was to go through the command prompt
    and activate the 'real' administrator account. when i did this my problem
    was solved.

    What exactly did you type to activate the 'real' administrator account?

    To activate the 'real' administrator account do the following

    1. Run the command prompt as administrator
    2. Type net user administrator /activate:yes

    To set the administrator password type

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    [/QUOTE]How do you change the CMD prompt to Administrator ?

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    Don't know if this helps you or not, as I am not a "techie," but I had the same problem installing itunes of all things. I right clicked on the itunes logo I downloaded and wanted to install and clicked install as administrator...and sure enough it worked.

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    Re: "the system administrator has set policies to prevent installation

    I also had this problem installing Itunes and just figured it out, went to respond and noted that last reply was the exact procedure I used.

    Anyone know why some programs have this issue and others do not?
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    Re: "the system administrator has set policies to prevent installation

    I using Vista and I tried to follow the instructions you gave to change the startup menu but i haven't been able to get pass the step of entering "secpol.msc". Any other advise? I really could use it. You see, this application that I'm trying to install is very important to me and my internet business, which right now isn't doing to good at all. So, please help if you can.

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    Michael Guest

    Re: "the system administrator has set policies to prevent installation

    It's quite possible Flagreen died almost 3 years ago. Did you bother to
    check the date of the post you're replying to?

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    Maraaaam111 Guest

    Re: "the system administrator has set policies to prevent installation


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