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Thread: my recycle bin disappeared

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    Jassim Rahma Guest

    my recycle bin disappeared

    I don't know how my recycle bin disappeared from my desktop. how can get it

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    dean-dean Guest

    Re: my recycle bin disappeared

    Right-click the Desktop, and choose Personalize. Then click on "Change
    desktop icons", under Tasks (on the left side of the window). Put a check
    next to Recycle Bin.

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    Mamamegs Guest

    Re: my recycle bin disappeared

    You probably rightclicked on the Bin and chose 'delete' instead of
    'empty bin'. To get it back rightclick on your desktop -> choose
    'personalize'-> in the left pane choose 'Change desktop icons'.

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    Zomby88 Guest

    RE: my recycle bin disappeared

    right click on the open desktop click personalize , up in the left hand
    corner click change desktop icon , check recycle bin , apply , ok , wala !

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    Ramesh, MS-MVP Guest

    Re: my recycle bin disappeared

    Right-click on the Desktop, click Personalize, and in the left pane, click Change desktop icons. In the Desktop Icon Settings dialog, enable the Recycle Bin checkbox. Click OK. See also:

    How to restore the Recycle bin icon that has been accidentally deleted:

    How to hide the "Delete" command from Recycle Bin context menu in Windows Vista:

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    Colin Barnhorst Guest

    Re: my recycle bin disappeared

    In addition to the instructions from the other posters, do us all a favor
    and send a complaint to Microsoft. Several of us warned the Vista Team
    during beta testing that putting Delete on the context menu was going to
    lead to this kind of thing. It is the one place where "Delete" and "Empty"
    just sound too much alike, given what the user is wanting to do. I argued
    that "Hide the Recycle Bin" was a better choice. Someone at MS got hung up
    on "consistency" across context menus.

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