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Thread: Re: Removing Items from Download Program Files - Vista

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    Robert Aldwinckle Guest

    Re: Removing Items from Download Program Files - Vista

    (cross-post added to Vista General)
    "Derek Deida" <Derek> wrote in message
    > Does anyone know how to remove individual objects from the folder
    > C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files
    > This is the folder that is displayed when going to Internet Options >
    > General Tab/Browsing History/Settings > View Objects. There are often ActiveX
    > objects in this folder which are listed as "Damaged" or are otherwise
    > corrupted.

    I see that on XP too. I think that rather than the objects being damaged
    that the Dependency tab in the Properties page is broken.
    An unhandled consequence of removing MSJAva perhaps? ; }

    > Back in Windows XP it was a simple as right-clicking on a damaged object and
    > choosing "Remove" or "Delete."
    > Under Windows Vista it does not appear that there is a way to remove objects
    > from this folder.
    > I've read that this feature has been removed from Windows Vista... and that
    > you're supposed to now use the "Manage Add-Ons" dialog to remove ActiveX
    > controls. Take a look at my Downloaded Program Files folder, however...
    > there's an object names {6414512b-b978...yadda yadda. This does not show up
    > in my Manage Add-Ons dialog... does anyone know how to remove this object??

    Try finding out what it is? E.g. doubleclick on it to see its Properties
    and use the Version tab?

    > You can view a screenshot of my Downloaded Program Files dialog here:

    Requires login? ; }

    FWIW in XP the Downloaded Program Files is a special view,
    not a normal folder but in XP it maps directly to a normal subdirectory.
    So, you can capture the path to that subdirectory from your Address bar
    and switch to a cmd window then type:

    cd /d

    leave at least one space after the switch; then right-click, Paste
    and then press Enter.


    should show you what is really in that subdirectory.
    Then you may find that that GUID you're looking at is mentioned
    in an .inf file there.

    findstr /miL "{6414512b-b978" *

    So then open whatever you find, in Notepad and browse it for more
    clues about the implementation or origin of the feature.

    It looks as if you could also get more information about the GUID
    by using Properties on it in the special view though. E.g. I just opened
    wuweb.inf and found only some of the information that the Properties tab
    is showing. I suspect it could be getting that by querying the .dll the .inf
    file points to (which in this particular case is in %windir%\System32.)
    I would try running ProcMon to try to see if there were file and registry
    accesses when using the Properties page which supports that idea.

    I don't use Vista and this implementation may have changed in it.
    Cross-posting to Vista General.


    Robert Aldwinckle

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    Cal Bear '66 Guest

    Re: Removing Items from Download Program Files - Vista

    Right click on drive in Windows Explorer and choose Disk Cleanup, select Downloaded Program Files.

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    catfish1 Guest

    Re: Removing Items from Download Program Files - Vista

    It is still there after all the above processes. Any other ideas?

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    I know this is an old thread, but I get asked this often

    Right-click on "Downloaded Program Files" Folder>Left-click Properties
    Un-check "Read-Only" box>click Apply. When Attribute changes
    Pop-up appears>click on OK to change the files
    (which are what cannot be touched)
    The Damaged Files should now be able to be deleted.

    Make sure to change the folder back to read only, to preserve it from being
    messed with(by a hacker or rouge website)

    you should be fine then


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