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Thread: Vista Ultimate Won't Sleep or Hibernate

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    Curtis Guest

    Vista Ultimate Won't Sleep or Hibernate

    I have Vista and it doesn't sleep. I tell it to sleep and the screen will
    turn black and the computer is unresponsive. The computer still stays On,
    it doesn't go into sleep mode.

    Also, If I try to hibernate this it does the same thing. Screen goes black
    and it just sits there doing nothing. It acts like it wrote the memory to
    the hard-disk, because the disk churns and then goes idle. But it still
    stays on. Its like it forgot to turn it off. Anybody know how to fix this
    or at least figure out what program and/or driver is causing this issue? Is
    there a specific place in the Event Viewer that I can look at?

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    S Wayne Guest

    Re: Vista Ultimate Won't Sleep or Hibernate

    I have the same problem, and I still haven't found a fix. The sad thing is
    that my new computer went into Stand-by perfectly under XP, powered down
    completely and was back awake in 3 seconds when I hit the power button.
    With Vista it sometimes doesn't go to sleep, sometimes it goes into
    hibernate and then will not wake back up. Sometimes it DOES go into
    hibernate, and does come back up.

    Microsoft has really screwed up the sleep process for most people. I
    wish they would just put back the old hibernate/standby modes of XP.

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    Tim Yerks Guest

    Re: Vista Ultimate Won't Sleep or Hibernate

    I too suffer from this, and I found that Microsoft has a hot fix for this:

    Now my question is.. can I get this hotfix without paying $59 by calling
    their support desk? According to the link above, you need to contact a
    support service rep.. the only way I see to do that is to pay $59. I am not
    at all happy with Bill today.

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    Joe Grover Guest

    Re: Vista Ultimate Won't Sleep or Hibernate

    You do not have to pay for a support incident in order to obtain a hotfix.
    When you contact their support department inform them that you are calling
    for a hotfix for the issue described in Knowledge Base article 929734.
    They'll issue an email to you with a password and a download link. Download
    the file, use the password to extract the fix and install it.

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    graydesign Guest

    Re: Vista Ultimate Won't Sleep or Hibernate

    I had the same problem. I tried disabling the mouse as a wake-up device
    and disconnected my external hard drive and neither made a difference.
    Finally, I unplugged my wireless router and Vista then hibernated and
    woke with no problem. It's a hassle to have to unplug the router
    whenever I'm leaving, but at least I discovered what was causing the


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    MICHAEL Guest

    Re: Vista Ultimate Won't Sleep or Hibernate

    Have you checked the Power Management tab for your
    network card?

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    brink Guest

    Re: Vista Ultimate Won't Sleep or Hibernate

    Look at the Fourth step here and check your settings in Device Manager
    for your Network Card Device. It should solve your problem.

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