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Thread: Paperport 11 'This program has stopped working'

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    Seven Guest

    Paperport 11 'This program has stopped working'

    Has anyone had problems trying to get Paperport 11 to work?

    I had no problem installing it, but when I click on the desktop icon or the
    program list, it comes up with 'This program has stopped working'
    immediately, before the program can even open.

    I've stopped all programs running in background, but still not got it working.



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    Mike Guest

    re: Paperport 11 'This program has stopped working'

    Working fine for me on Vista Business.

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    John Barnes Guest

    re: Paperport 11 'This program has stopped working'

    But nobody says whether they are using the 32 or 64-bit versions which is
    much more important

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    mannorak Guest
    Works for me - with the exception of Desktop Delivery, which does

    I have avoided because PP10 wouldn't install on XP X64 and I wasn't
    sure that they had fixed the signed driver situation for Vista64.

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    Chuck Brotman Guest
    FWIW I'm running pp on an HP Pavillion 2xAMD system with 3gb
    of ram. I wonder if my hw config is significant? I noticed that
    another person having this problem was also on a 3gb system (also HP I

    Hummm...we're running PP 11 build (11.0.6255.1) on numerous boxes with
    anywhere from 2 gigs up to 8 gigs with now problems.

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    somersled Guest

    re: Paperport 11 'This program has stopped working'

    The solution I found worked for me.

    is Start/Run (Type "msconfig") then disable all services in system
    configuration temporarily whilst loading a clean install of paperport.

    Good Luck:)

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    davidpsr Guest

    re: Paperport 11 'This program has stopped working'

    If you updated to the VISTA version of PaperPort 11 and you're using
    VISTA (Why else would you update? :sarc:), BE SURE that compatibility
    mode is turned off.

    To turn off compatibility mode, navigate to the folder where the
    PaperPort executable file (PaprPort.exe) is located, right-click on the
    file, click on the compatibility tab and uncheck the Compatibility Mode
    check box.

    This certainly is not the ONLY possible reason you're getting this
    error, but it worked for me.

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    moovintarget Guest

    re: Paperport 11 'This program has stopped working'

    I have Vista Ultimate 32bit. In installed OmniPage pro 17 and PaperPort
    11. PPMV.EXE Stopped working during the install. Both applications
    claim to have installed successfully. Both of them crash as yours does
    immediately and prior to a splash screen. No reply received from Nuance

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