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Thread: WindowsUpdate_8000FFFF WindowsUpdate_dt000

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    Eric shaw Guest

    WindowsUpdate_8000FFFF WindowsUpdate_dt000

    I keep encountering this error. no help in windows, does anyone have any

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    DaveG Guest

    RE: WindowsUpdate_8000FFFF WindowsUpdate_dt000

    I'm getting it too. The help window within vista says "Help and Support
    search term: WindowsUpdate_dt000" and when I use this nothing comes back.

    At the moment Windows Vista wants the update KB929777 and can't have it.
    Ends up with an 0x8000FFFF failure. Anyone know what that update is for
    please? Is it urgent?


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    VK Guest

    RE: WindowsUpdate_8000FFFF WindowsUpdate_dt000

    I keep getting this error also. 8000FFFF failure. Of course, there is no
    help at Microsoft as always. I also keep getting the blue screen of death.
    Vista Ultimate is obviously not "Ultimate". I thought that for once
    Microsoft would put out a product that may work. Obviously not!!!!

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    Jim Preston Guest

    RE: WindowsUpdate_8000FFFF WindowsUpdate_dt000

    Yep, me too with Vista Basic and not much loaded on this new Dell Athlon 64
    duel core yet. So far the Adobe / Macromedia products work but 3ds Max is
    having UI problems.

    Also, I told IE7 that it isn't my default browser and it won't boot now. It
    crashes before booting. That means that Windows Help and such won't display.

    Ahhh, just like the old days!

    - jim

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    tedho Guest

    RE: WindowsUpdate_8000FFFF WindowsUpdate_dt000

    From the KB article on this update it looks like this is to help get Vista
    installed when you have more than 2gig of RAM. Since my OS came preinstalled
    from Dell I'm making the leap that this is a non-issue for me. I just hid
    the update.

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    mlj Guest

    RE: WindowsUpdate_8000FFFF WindowsUpdate_dt000

    I'm having the same problem. The KB article looks like it is supposed to
    stop a problem if I have over 2 gig of Ram. Of course Microsoft is no help.
    This may be why my monitor doesn't always want to work.

    Has anyone found a fix?

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    Dec 2007
    To answer your questions any 32 bit OS including Vista will only reconize up to 3.25 gigs of physical ram. If you are running the 64 bit version of vista it should read the full 4 gigs. This is a microsoft OS limitation and not a Dell issue.

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    dirthorn Guest

    RE: WindowsUpdate_8000FFFF WindowsUpdate_dt000

    yep i just purchased a dell xps laptop with 4gigs and yes it says only
    3.25gigs but that happens to everything i dont know why. so i get the
    8000FFFF ERROR. i hate it. i try everyday to see if it will work but it
    doesnt. i do get the blue screen of death and i feel like i bought a piece
    of crap machine but hopefully microsoft will allow us to update what they
    sent us to update. i dont know.

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    warn8r Guest

    RE: WindowsUpdate_8000FFFF WindowsUpdate_dt000

    I have a non-dell machine and run into this problem.
    It has to do with have 4GBs of RAM or more.
    One of the "said" solutions is to install Vista Ultimate with only 2GBs of
    RAM, so I took two sticks out and re-installed. I had downloaded the update
    install first, and ran the install with the two GBs...still fails. So I
    re-added my other 2 GBs and just hide the update. It's a bummer to have such
    a large software company put out non-tested software.
    What a failure.


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    Tim Slattery Guest

    Re: WindowsUpdate_8000FFFF WindowsUpdate_dt000

    Mostly right. Any 32-bit OS (that doesn't use PAE, and no version of
    Vista does) has a 4GB address space (2**32). That address space must
    be used to access video RAM, BIOS, and a few other things. What
    address space is left over after those things are taken care of is
    used for system RAM. That amount can vary, but as rammy says is often
    around 3.25GB.

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    Ken Blake, MVP Guest

    Re: WindowsUpdate_8000FFFF WindowsUpdate_dt000

    Sort of, but not exactly right.

    All 32-bit versions of Windows (not just Vista) have a 4GB address
    space. That's the theoretical upper limit beyond which you can not go.
    But you can't use the entire 4GB of address space. Even though you
    have a 4GB address space, you can only use *around* 3.1GB of RAM (it
    gets as high as 3.5GB on some systems).

    That's because some of that space is used by hardware and is not
    available to the operating system and applications. The amount you can
    use varies, depending on what hardware you have installed, but ranges
    from about 3 - 3.5GB--usually around 3.1GB.

    Note that the hardware is using the address *space*, not the actual
    RAM itself. The rest of the RAM goes unused because there is no
    address space to map it too.

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    Canuck57 Guest

    Re: WindowsUpdate_8000FFFF WindowsUpdate_dt000

    Good answer. But it is time to dump 32 bit. For $180 I put 8GB in my
    machine. (4 x 2GB). That way you have at least 80% available for
    applications before generation excessive page faults or swap.

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