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Thread: Interactive services dialog detection won't disappear

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    Interactive services dialog detection won't disappear

    I've recently bought a new Windows Vista Home Basic. To my surprise I
    found out that it does not have a built-in fax software, unlike the
    Ultimate version of Vista, and unlike Windows XP.

    I installed Symantec WinFax 10.03, which seems to be running well,
    however whenever I start up my computer, I get a dialog box titled
    "Interactive services dialog detection". It says:
    "A program can't display a message on your desktop
    This program may need information or permission to complete a task.
    Program(s) or devices(s) [sic] requesting attention.

    Message title: WinFax MOD - ... Modem
    Program pah: C:\Program Files\WinFax\WFXMOD32.EXE

    This problem happens because of partial incompatibility with Windows

    I have two options: "Show me the message" and "Remind me in a few

    I received the same sort of message for several other problem I've run
    into in Vista during the week I had it, such as a problem with the
    Printer Spooler. In other cases (such as the printer spooler example),
    when I click on "Show me the message", it shows me a dialog box on
    which I click on "OK", and then I go back to the Vista main window and
    the "Interactive services dialog detection" box disappears.
    However, in WinFax, after I click on "Show me the message" it shows me
    no message. I tried everything, for example I clicked on Alt+Tab and
    Enter to close invisible messages. Nothing works - there is no
    When I click on "Return now" it shows me the dialog box as if there is
    still a message.
    When I click on "Remind me in a few minutes", it does remind me in a
    few minutes. Even when I close WFXMOD32.EXE, it still won't go away.

    Is there any way I can make the box disappear? For example if I can
    completely cancel the "Interactive services dialog detection" feature
    of Vista?

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    Casey Guest
    I am having the same issue with WinFax. Does anybody out have a fix for this?

    I am not having a problem with FAX, I am having a problem with a continuing
    message from interactive services that will not disappear. Each time I
    upgrade my AVG software, I get the box, and the message as described by
    others. The message will not GO AWAY, and continually re-appears, and it is
    the same message each time. How do I get this to stop?

    I'm having the exact same problem with the AVG software, and it only began
    yesterday (Apr 20). Before then, I never got that Interactive Service dialog
    box. I click it, but it reappears a few minutes later......over and over and
    over again. Someone please help!

    I am running Windows Vista Business Edition, and today have noticed the
    problem with AVG Free edition triggering the Interactive services dialog
    detection box indicating "A program can't display a message on your desktop".
    The program may need information or permission to complete a task, but there
    is nothing that allows you to give permission to AVG to continue (as you
    would expect with other programs that are being modified).
    Very frustrating to have this popping up so frequently. I can only hope that
    AVG will have a work-around with the next update. I haven't found anything to
    do yet except ignore the damn thing.

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    ativar Guest
    I did post to AVG site, but as yet have heard no answers to my post there.
    Guess we'll just have to wait out AVG and see what happens. It is extremely
    annoying to NOT BE ABLE to stop a certain MS message from continually
    appearing on your screen tho!!!!

    Most email to makers of ware are ignored.

    If it's an MS message then contact MS.

    This is the kind of answer that makes responding to these 'rooms' tedious.
    MS 'interactive' is the culprit, not AVG, that appears, and disappears
    immediately, the IA comes up, stays up, and then drops to the ribbon on the
    bottom, and continually blinks until you bring it back on the screen. Then
    it has 0 usable info other than "Some program" has a message for you. It is
    probably one of the most inarticualte, and idiotic program innovations. And
    MS will not respond to questions about this, either by e-mail, or phone,
    cause I tried.

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    Tyguy0 Guest
    I really want to know how to both; prevent the "interactive services" from
    appearing at all as well as preventing the prompt from interrupting other
    programs by appearing on top. I can't even say how many times it has
    interrupted a full screen program at vital moments just to tell me AVG has
    finished a scan. Any info at all would be greatly appreciated

    That's AVG. Go into AVG options and check how and when it scans. Its your
    program so perhaps you could learn how it works.

    Its not AVG, its interactive services, it appears to be similar to a separate
    desktop of sorts when opened, it repeatedly interrupts my full screen
    programs. I don't claim to be a computer guru, but I am very sure that it is
    not completely AVG's fault

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    i'm no cpu guru so dont trip!!

    i'm having the same problem with the
    "Interactive services dialog detection"
    im currently on my work cpu so i wont be
    able to try what im about to say but i
    do have a few suggestion. please search this site:

    im thinking that an autostart clean program or
    an error repair proffessional will wipe it out.
    again im on my work cpu so i wont be able to try
    it and tell you if it works or not. a suggestion
    wouldnt hurt no one and hey it doesnt hurt to try
    right?! i wrote the programs on the lower bottom.
    if you do want to try this out please send me a message
    and ill either send you the programs by email or by web
    or let you know how to find it. do not pay for it.
    its just for reference although some might be free.

    1.)Free Windows Registry Cleaner 1.1.0 (Freeware)
    2.)Free Registry Cleaner for Vista 1.00 (Freeware)
    3.)Error Repair Professional 3.55 (Shareware)
    4.)GSA Autostart Cleaner 2.23 (Shareware)

    if it does work let me know and let everyone on
    this forum know as well.

    p.s i might double post. only if no one had try
    it. after i get off of work ill go home and try it
    on my laptop to se if it work. do not get excited yet
    we still dont have an answer just a suggestion.

    I am having same problem, could you possible explain how i get to
    the " Services Page "

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    Go to your Services page (Start --> type in "services")

    Turn off Interactive Services Detection. (Actually, I disable it. If you're afraid to do this, you can set it to manual.)

    Voila, no more messages...

    Click your start menu button. At the very bottom, there is an input box with a grey "Start Search" written inside of it. Just type in "services" (without the quotes) in this box and you'll see a "Services" (with a little gears icon beside it) appear at the top of the start menu. Click that and you're good to go...

    had my start on classic menu, but I found it now and


    I fixed it by stopping netpker service, and disabling it.

    Simply open the Start Menu > Run > Type MSConfig and then click the Services tab. Sort by the name column to make it easier. The option is certainly found there. I disabled it and there is no more message.

    Excellent work to the previous post identifying the problem resolution.

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    I only have this problem when I try to print something.
    I disabled it, so now it won't print at all. so I enabled it again. what a nuisance. sure hope someone has some ideas

    you didn't have to be so rude to a senior who is trying to print something. I am a very low tech person. I didn't pay any attention to the date. I have since figured out a way to print, but I do not intend to share it with you

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    Michael Guest
    Then don't print anything
    ,,,and why are you replying to a THREE YEAR OLD post?????

    He had pegged you wrong, why not cut him some slack, he's a senior himself.

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    Michael Guest
    You're breaking my heart!

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