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Thread: Deleting Program

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    Mahmadi Guest

    Deleting Program


    I am using Windows Vista Ultimate edition and beside that I know some
    software are still not compatable, yet I tried to install Nero7 but it
    didn't go through correctly and stopped the installation, however, it shows
    that I have a directory in my hard disk with the name Nero 7 but I can't use
    it since its not installed correctly. I tried to uninstall it but couldn't
    succeed. I used General Clean tools from Nero in order to uninstall it but
    also with no success. Again I tried to install it again but I got this

    Internal Error:

    Custom Action DLL crashed on last call in function
    'NeroAg_UnregisterComEx". The installer must now exit.

    Crash Thread ID 3980
    Current Thread ID 2472

    Appreciate guiding me to solve this issue.


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    Steve Drake Guest

    Re: Deleting Program

    I have seen this issue with other installers, dare I admit to it being with
    an install I wrote :(

    It sounds like part of the files are installed but the install cannot
    uninstall as it needs to run code from a dll that has not successfully

    You could try using system restore and go back in time to before you

    Hope this helps.

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    Richard Urban Guest

    Re: Deleting Program

    This is a catch 22 that can be, at times, impossible to rectify.

    A few years ago a customer of mine tried to install an Office suite. The
    computer crashed halfway through the install (power failure due to a thunder
    storm). When he bought the computer back on line he could not reinstall the
    suite as the message said it was already installed. He was given the option
    of uninstalling. That didn't work because he didn't have a complete install
    and files necessary (log files of where things were installed to) were
    corrupted. Repair install didn't work either.

    He ended up reformatting his computer. After getting a backup power supply
    (which he should have had, as I told him of the necessity for such), he
    reinstalled all of his software again - this time successfully.

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    Nov 2007
    i can repair or remove nero 7 from my computer and ai have nero 8

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    Gene Hora Guest

    Re: Deleting Program

    It's difficult to know what you are asking. You should access the Nero web
    site for info. If you have Nero 8 trial version you can do so without
    uninstalling Nero 7.

    If you decide to keep Nero 8 you should uninstall Nero 7. If you have
    trouble uninstalling Nero 7 see the download site and use the Nero Clean
    Tool utility for uninstalling if necessary.

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    sir im using vita home premium.i installed nero7 demo.its not isntalled properly.the previous nero essential which came along vista is not working.while unistalling nero7 demo its showing 'NeroAg_UnregisterComEx.fatal error is can i use nero again for vista

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    Cal Bear '66 Guest

    Re: Deleting Program

    Try this:

    Windows Installer CleanUp Utility:

    Be careful.

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