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Thread: RDP w/ Network Printer on Remote Client

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    Rosewood Guest

    RDP w/ Network Printer on Remote Client

    We are using Vista Business to remotely connect to XP and Server 2003 RDP
    5.x and 6 clients.

    On the local PC, we have a network printer that is connected via a standard
    tcp/ip port along with a few other printers. We have the RDP client setup
    to allow the remote client to print to the local printers. However, only
    sometimes does the local printer show up on the remote machine. Also, never
    does the local network printer shoe up on the remote machine.

    That said, sometimes the ts000X printer ports will show as active. In that
    situation, we can setup the proper print driver and play a guessing game
    until we find the proper ts000X port. Durring that session, printing works
    fine. However, on the next connect, the TS ports may be disconnected or
    re-arranged, even when the client only has one printer.

    Any suggestions would be apriciated. Thank you.

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    ThePro Guest

    Re: RDP w/ Network Printer on Remote Client

    By default Remote Desktop Client will only redirect LPTx and USB printers.

    To have TCP/IP or other printers show up in the remote session, you need to
    set the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Terminal Server
    Client\Default\AddIns\RDPDR\FilterQueueType to FFFFFFFF. Add the key if it
    is not present.

    Also, the printer driver must be present on the remote computer. Add it in
    Control Panel | Printers | File | Server properties | Drivers.

    Hope that helps.

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    Tim Guest

    Re: RDP w/ Network Printer on Remote Client

    I haven't had any success getting this to work when the local computer is
    running Vista. It works when the local computer is XP but I have not been
    able to get Vista to see USB printers on the local machine

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    RoninV Guest

    Re: RDP w/ Network Printer on Remote Client

    Were you ever able to connect to your server, using RDP on your Vista
    machine, and while on your Remote Desktop, print to the USB printer connected
    to your Vista machine? If so, how?

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    Aug 2010

    Re: RDP w/ Network Printer on Remote Client

    Remote desktop printing is administrators nightmare, you can try TSPrint tool Terminal Server Printers for your rdp server

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