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Thread: Unable to save files on memory stick - keep getting Error 0x800700

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    Bootsja Guest

    Unable to save files on memory stick - keep getting Error 0x800700

    I am using a brand new Sony Microvault 1GB memory stick USB with windows
    vista. I am unable to save any file on it either using save, Save as or just
    dragging it over, except .jpg. So word Escel etc. I cannot save. I get Error

    Is there a simple solution I can't see?

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    Mick Guest
    I have not tried USB memory stick in Vista yet. But, in XP, I used to select
    what I wanted to save, right-click on it, go down the menu to "send to", then
    select the drive letter of your memory stick on the sub menu, and left-click
    on that.

    You need to put all your files in a sub-folder before you transfer them to the USB stick. I kept getting the error when I tried to transfer images from a folder in my desktop. Apparently, the folder of your data needs to be a sub-folder of the original folder. (A folder in a folder, the sub-folder is the one with the data in it.)
    So, in other words, open the folder with the files you want transfered and make a 'New' folder in it. Then copy all your stuff into the new (sub) folder. After that go into Windows Explorer and Move the original folder to your USB stick.
    I don't know why you need to do this, probably some kind of computer glitch-thing-pain-in-the-butt.

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    Bonnie. Guest

    Re: Unable to save files on memory stick - keep getting Error 0x80

    I am having the same problem trying to save pictures to a USB flash stick. I
    have tried reformating the card, but I get the same error that occurs when I
    transfer files. I have tried copying by copy-paste method, as well as
    right-click-send to 'J' drive method.

    I understand your suggestion of making multiple folders, the only problem
    the reason I am transfering photos to the flash card is to I can use it with
    a digital picture frame. The digital picture frame does not recognize
    folders so pictures cannot be placed in them.

    Any other suggestions?

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    Mar 2007
    I have the SAME problem. I am using Patriot SD memory cards and had no problems with two of the four cards. Two of them say "The file directory or file cannot be created" Error 0x80070052. I had the card half full of pics when the message pops up. I placed a call to tech. support but would love to know why this is happening.

    here is how i fixed my issue. Formated my memory card.(Right click on drive and click on format option). Created new folders. (Right click on desktop,click on new. Create folder). Name folder whatever you want. I named mine Folder 1, Folder 2, ETC. Drag your songs,pictures into a folder. Don't put too much in there. Then drag folder to your memory stick. Keep doing this. I put 13 folders onto my card(Drive I) and filled the card up with no problems. Hope this works for you. If not, I will give you a link that gives other suggestions.

    SanDisk Copy Error -The directory or file cannot be created. Sorry, don't know much about the digital picture frame but check this link out and you may get a few ideas. I did a google search of "the directory or file cannot be created".

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    My digital picture frame objected when I inseerted the card. It asked "File or Photos?" I manipulated the highlight to Photos and it somehow find the subfolder and is now happily showing the pictures. Different digital picture frames will undoubtedly have different methods of operation -- you'll just have to play with it....

    I was previously unable to get past 1.5GB on a 2.0GB memory stick (cruzer sandisk) using VISTA o/s. I was trying to load a gazillion pictures on the stick for use with a video picture frame.

    Then, on a whim, I tried reformatting the stick in NTFS rather than the FAT it came with. Bingo! Problem solved and the 2GB are now fully accessible!

    No need for multiple sub-directories, etc.

    Apologies, I was using the term "memory stick" as a generic term (I do have SONY memory sticks too).

    The device I was referring to in my post was a 2GB USB Flash Drive. Again, apologies for any confusion. Thanks for the clarification. As I am using variations of NT/XP and Vista on my machines, I'm OK for personal use.

    However, based on your comments, and similar advice from my IT advisor, I will carry a backup FAT32 formatted Flash Drive when travelling on business - in case I run into older o/s wherever I might give a presentation etc.

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    Scissor Guest

    Re: Unable to save files on memory stick - keep getting Error 0x800700

    If your memory stick is formatted using FAT (Sometimes also called
    FAT16) there are several limitations you might want to know about:

    - Partition (drive letter) is limited to 2 GB in total size.
    - Root directory is limited to 512 entries (an entry is a file or a
    directory), although subfolders can contain more than 512 entries.
    - Max number of files on the entire drive is 65,517.FAT32 removes most of the above limitations, so if you can you might
    want to re-format your memory stick using FAT32. However you will want
    to first verify that your camera / picture frame can read memory sticks
    formatted with FAT32 (most modern devices made should be able to).

    Of course you can also format your memory stick using NTFS, but that
    will most likely restrict your memory stick to only working with Windows
    NT or later.

    Wikipedia has a ton of technical info for the curious: 'File Allocation

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    Psukg Guest
    Thank you! This also worked for my Kodak SD card when trying to load .jpg
    files for a digital frame.

    I had the same problem as you had. Drove me mad - and I am only in my 80's.
    I was trying to load 850 photos but couldnt get past 550. All the previous posts were right on the mark.
    Formast your sd card for FAT 32. The default appears to be 16.
    Have all your photos in one folder.
    Copy the folder to your sd card.

    A Bing search suggests that this is because there are too many files in the
    root directory of the drive. Try removing some of the files and/or moving
    them into folders.

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    Sharon Carver Guest
    I'm hoping you can help me. I reformatted the SD card and the files copied just fine - however ... when I format at NTFS, the slide show on the digital picture frame doesn't work. When I format on FAT32 I get about 210MB (176 pics). The slide show stops working. I have tried different SD cards and different frames (need a 2GB to get all the pics on that I want and I am using a PanDigital picture frame). This has been making me nuts.

    My pictures are a variety of pictures, some are scanned, and they come from a variety of camera types - but in my mind, since they are al jpg, that shouldn't matter.

    I am using a extreME 1GB memory stick USB with windows
    vista. I am unable to save any file on it either using. Always I get Error0x80070052

    Is there a simple solution?

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    Re: Unable to save files on memory stick - keep getting Error 0x800700

    Have read all your replies as I searched for a solution to same problem with a Kingston 2Gb memory stick. Wife was trying to save a single document and then a folder of photos but received the error message 0x80070052.
    She has a large number of word docs (some 100 in fact) on the stick plus several other types of files but it was only 50% full.
    I cleared the stik transferring all files into a new folder on my Vista PC. Formatted the stick and then returned all the original files but still got the error message and could not create a directory.
    I finally solved it by creating a new folder and moving all the Word Docs into this folder. Once done I could then save the folder with photos plus other documents on the memory stick. This worked for me - it seemed that tidying up the stick resolved the problem but it could just be that a corrupt file was lost or repaired in the process.

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