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Thread: Reinstall Windows Defender??

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    Charlie Guest

    Reinstall Windows Defender??

    Vista Home Premium. I uninstalled Windows Defender and now cannot reinstall
    it as the installer says "Vista already includes Defender"

    Is there a work around to my dumb mistake???

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    D. Spencer Hines Guest

    Re: Reinstall Windows Defender??

    Perhaps you were told the truth and don't need it.

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    Charlie Guest
    Yes I get the joke..however Vista places a red security icon in the tray
    when defender is not running.

    Im intrigued 'how' you managed to uninstall it ?

    Also in windows alerts, do you not have the tick box, I already have and
    will monitor myself ?

    Thanks for reviving a dead 2 year old post.

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    PC Quack Guest

    Windows Defender Reinstall on Windows Vista after havingUninstalled from Vista

    Hey, I too was victim to this situation, and was reluctant to do a clean install just to regain the functionality of Windows defender built in to Vista (unknown to me), as with all prior versions you were able to uninstall and reinstall as a stand alone program. After finishing the Vista premium upgrade my anti-virus program recommended to turn it off (as it has spyware scanning built in) so I figured why not uninstall....right! Wrong! I should have done some research first, but to make a long story shorter, all you have to do is set 3 hours aside, when you have the time and run the setup off of the Vista installation DvD from the Vista desktop (do not boot from the DvD or a clean install is your only option), this way the program installer will let you repeat an upgrade retaining all your info you have as it did in the original upgrade. The only down side is like I said earlier you have to wait out the rather long installation process again. It worked like a charm for me. - .NET Developer Portal of Choice

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    Do you think this might work with Silverlight too, as I seem to have misplaced Windows Defender AND Silverlight

    hehe...sorry, didn't notice that~

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    I don't think you uninstalled it. It's impossible on Vista. It doesn't show up on the add and remove program menu but if you look in your programs folder in your c drive you'll find out. If it is not working try restarting the service under administrative tools.

    thanks rick

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    Rick Rogers Guest

    Re: Reinstall Windows Defender??

    It is possible to uninstall Windows Defender if the installation was an
    upgrade from XP. It is not possible to uninstall it from a clean install of
    Vista. Once removed though, as the OP now knows, you cannot reinstall it.

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    Re: Reinstall Windows Defender??

    I uninstalled windows defender inadvertently when trying to get the Green AV virus off my vista machine. I have malewarebyte's anti-virus running now but was thinking about re-installing windows defender. Question: if I run windows defender do also need MacAfee or something similiar? I got the green AV virus because I was tricked into clicking install, even tho windows defender asked me if I really wanted to proceed....


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    Jim Guest

    Re: Reinstall Windows Defender??

    Just install AvastAV ( free) .

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