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Thread: Vista not generating thumbnails

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    Nik Simpson Guest

    Vista not generating thumbnails

    For some reason, Vista isn't able to generate thumbnails for JPEG files
    now, this used to work just fine. Now, the green progrees indicator
    never completes and I only get to see file icons. Anybody else seen this?

    I do have PSP XI installed if that helps in the diagnosis

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    Qu0ll Guest
    Do you have "Always show icons, never thumbnails" ticked in Folder
    Options->View? That would have this effect.

    Try deleting your "Thumbnails" cache using Disk Cleanup (Start
    Menu\Programs\Accessories\System Tools).

    If you mean the thumbs.ini file in the folder, there isn't one.

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    Nik Simpson Guest

    Re: Vista not generating thumbnails

    No, I don't. Also, folder.jpg files do appear properly, just the rest of
    the files in the folder that don't display thumbnails.

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    dean-dean Guest
    No, I mean the cache in C:\Users\(YOUR USER
    NAME)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer. However, use Disk Cleanup
    to remove the files safely (they could be several MBs, but corrupted). They
    will be rebuilt as you use your computer...

    Well, I'm beginning to wonder if it might not be your PSP XI program. Are
    there any Options/Preferences re: thumbnails in that program that might
    interfere with how metadata is stored and read in a .jpg file? What program
    opens .jpg's? Do thumbnails work within the program's "organizer"? Short
    of uninstalling Paint Shop to see if your icons come back, I'm at a loss as
    to what to do, not having used the program myself.

    I had the same thought and changed the default program for opening JPGs
    back to Windows Photo Gallery, but it didn't help. I haven't tried
    uninstalling PaintShop Pro XI, need it too much.

    One more stab at it. Type Advanced System Properties in the Start Menu
    search box. Right-click on the file and choose Run as Administrator.
    Click on the "Settings..." button, under "Performance". On the Visual
    Effects tab, make sure that all choices are checked. ((Apply, OK) that
    window, then (Apply, OK) the remaining window).

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    Nik Simpson Guest

    Re: Vista not generating thumbnails

    All of them were checked. BTW, I tried the method you suggested for
    reaching the performance tab and it didn't work on my machine. Another
    way to reach the same menu is right click on "Computer" on the desktop
    and select properties.

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    Mike in Cal Guest
    I've discovered the same problem. All Microsoft programs have lost the
    ability to select THUMBNAILS in View - it's just gone. I've been told that
    this is a result of a recent Vista upgrade and that it is pending a fix by
    Microsoft which will be part of a future update. Until then we are SOL

    I've been unable to see
    thumbnail icons for a number of file types in Vista Explorer (e.g., Excel,
    Powerpoint, Project, Acrobat) while retaining the ability for others (e.g.,
    Photoshop, Word). Only the default generic Windows file icon will appear.
    I've tried deleting the thumbcache*.db database files using Disc Cleaner, but
    that didn't help. (I also tried to delete them directly in Explorer, but
    received the error message that I "need permission", even though I'm their
    owner.) This has become a royal pain in the neck, as I rely on those icons to
    help me identify files quickly. Any help would be appreciated.

    I'm having the same problem, after updating the net 1.1 security, I believe.
    I've uninstalled that and every update around then, with no luck, as well as
    deleting the thumbnails cache and any other settings assiciated with that.
    I'm getting the default file icon/thumbnail for several folders, and most
    files and folders that are in their smallest views (list, details).

    I found an answer on this forum. Vista has a tendency in VIEW to change
    document to DRAFT and this shuts off thumbnails. Take it off the DRAFT mode and the thumbnails return.

    You mean in a document?
    The issue I'm having is within explorer.

    Can you please explain how to turn off draft in detail as Im not sure what u mean

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    Fix Found: Click through the following:

    Start, Control Panel, System and Maintenance, Administrative Tools-Free up disk space, Files from all users, (C:) OK, Files to delete:CHECK THUMBNAILS OPTION, click OK.

    Everything was back to normal! Clearing the thumbnail cache via this method worked for me.

    By the way, this problem just appeared recently. I have been running Vista since it's initial release two years ago and only had a problem develop this week.
    Something other than cache size (program update maybe) has caused this issue. Perhaps they can fix this issue in a future update.
    I do not relish deleting cache on a regular basis just to perform a go around for a systemic issue.

    Before starting make sure you are logged on as an Administrator. Then follow these steps:

    1. First, turn off thumbnail creation by opening Windows Explorer, clicking the Organize button and selecting Folder and Search Options.
    Click on the View tab and check Always show icons, never thumbnails. Click the OK button.
    2.Then, run Disk Cleanup on Drive C: and empty the cache so you can recover the disk space. You can find it in Accessories/System Tools.
    3.In Windows Explorer, navigate to the AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows folder under your name.
    If you can't find it, just copy the following: %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Windows
    Paste it into the Address Bar and hit Enter.
    4.Right-Click on the Explorer folder and select Properties.
    Select the Security tab.
    Click the Advanced button.
    On the Permissions tab, click the Edit button.
    Uncheck Include inheritable permissions from this object's parent.
    5.Click the Remove button in the Windows Security box that pops up.
    6.Click the OK button on the Permissions Tab.
    7.Click the Yes button in the Windows Security box that pops up.
    8.Close all the open boxes.
    9.Go back into the Folder and Search Options and uncheck the Always show icons, never thumbnails and you're done.

    Now, browse any folder you want and Windows will create the thumbnails on the fly, but won't save them to disk.

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    Riveracr Guest

    Re: Vista not generating thumbnails

    I tried this and it worked for me.

    Creat a shortcut on desktop of windows Explorer
    1) Right click on shortcut
    2) on the target: (type in the path without quotes)
    "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\explorer.exe /separate"
    4) Then you can navigate to your videos folders and it will display all
    the thumbnails as long the videos are not corrupted and have the
    properties for the right program to view with. Good Luck!

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    It can be as easy as performance settings.

    1. right click on "my computer"
    2. select properties
    3. select "Advanced system settings"
    4. select "Advanced" tab
    5. select button under "performance settings"
    6. check if the checbox "show thumbnails instead of icons" is checked.

    worked. but then you have to open sysWOW64\explorer.exe every time to generate the thumbnail, and then you can normally view them

    try to get a codec that is for windows x64 if you are using one

    I think everybody who has researched this problem with CRAPPY Vista has double checked to ensure that checkbox is correct. This is NOT the problem. It's like HP support, they advise everybody to make sure the unit (printer, computer, it don't matter) is pluged in....UH DUH!!!!!....once you explain it is, they say there is nothing they can do.

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    Re: Vista not generating thumbnails

    I had this problem and couldn't figure out what was going on because I changed every possible view/performance setting I could. I also tried installing thumbnail cache etc for vista. It turned out that the problem was that my windows display transparency was not enabled.
    1. Go into display settings for windows
    2. Change windows to aero
    3. Check transparency enables

    Turns out you cannot use explorer thumbnails if your windows are not transparent, a feature new to windows with vista!

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    Re: Vista not generating thumbnails

    what i did was close everything else, all popups, errors, windows, and everything else, except one folder (with pics) then changed the folder settings to the ones stated above (uncheck "always show icons, never thumbnails" please remember you want to UNCHECK it)

    and then closed the window, re opened it, and it worked for me.

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