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Thread: Windows Media Center Receiver Service has stopped working Error

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    Windows Media Center Receiver Service has stopped working Error

    I am using Hauppang HVR-950 adapter on my laptop. I am having Vista Media Center. I am getting a error message that -- Windows Media Center Receiver Service has stopped working. I keep on getting this whenever I turn on the portable tv tuner card. It was working well, but somehow it started annoying me a lot. All this happen after recent updates. Does anyone can provide me some working steps by which I can fix the problem. Thanks.

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    Try to re-install it. You can find that in Device Manager. You can right click on that and choose uninstall. Then restart your system and run fresh driver setup. You can go in Event Viewer and locate the exact error number and information on the file associated with that. I will also recommend you to find a new driver that will be compatible with Windows Vista. Do not use any old drivers.

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    The problem lies with some missing codec. Because which you are getting the error. I will advice you to get a proper codec setup. Do not overwrite the installation. Just download a fresh one, and then remove the old. Because it is necessary that you wipe out the old codecs properly first and then go with new installation. If you run the download over it, then old files may still exist in your system causing the same kind of error.

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    AVS video tools

    Hi, I also get the same annoying messages. I believe the reason is that I installed AVS Video Tools, and I guess some codecs or what ever causes a conflict with vista media center. I have a Hauppage WinTV PVR USB2, which I noticed some of the others reporting this problem have. I hope this helps sorting out the reason for the problems, while I figure out how to get back to oritignal settings.

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    I am too using the same adapter on my desktop. I was using XP before, then upgraded to Vista and the adapter stopped working. I had purchased the retail DVD of Vista Media Center PC. I thought this would be working quiet well. But the scene was entirely different. I installed the drivers and new codecs also. But it did not helped. I am getting exactly the same error. I had tested the same on Windows XP also where it worked really well.

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    Windows Media Center Receiver Service Stopped working & was closed

    I have Vista ultimate and a couple of weeks ago I started to get the message and my TV tuner would not work. I also started having problems running other programs. I found that it was being shut down by DEP (Data Execution Prevention) which is a feature of Vista. If you go to control panel - system - advanced settings (on the left of the screen). Then under performance click "settings". The third tab will be Data Execution Prevention. I first tried the hotfixes from Microsoft which did not work for me. So I found a way to turn off this feature. Once I did everything is now working fine. To turn off this feature go to Accessories and left click on the command prompt. Choose run as administrator. You will get a black DOS screen. Type in the following command exactly as below and press enter : bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff. You should get a line that says that it ran successfully. Close the window and then reboot your computer. Then go back to the DEP window. It should all be grayed out.

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    Do you got any driver disc or software with the adapter. Try to check that it works fine or not. Codecs can be issue, but ample of time old hardware or drivers does not work well on Windows Vista. You can try to find the actual Vista drivers on Windows XP. There is a tool called as NextPVR. You can download that from the official website. It is a kind of media center software. Just run and check that you are getting program display on it or not.

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