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Thread: Skipping video/audio in Windows Media Center

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    gng007 Guest

    Skipping video/audio in Windows Media Center

    I am trying to play a dvd for the first time on my new computer using Windows Media Center (not windows media player) and the audio and video are not
    smooth. Sometimes the picture gets a bit shakey, sometimes the audio skips a bit. When I play the dvd in windows media player there is not problem. Can
    anyone help me? I think my specs on my new pc should be able to handle Media Center without much problem. . . .maybe not? I just bought a new HP pc and it has 2GB of RAM and an AMD Athlon 64x2 dual-core processor. The graphics card is an NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE 128MB dedicated memory, but able to access 600MB total using the RAM.

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    apollo808 Guest

    RE: Skipping video/audio in Windows Media Center

    I have the same problem. At the end of all my songs, the music skips and gets all choppy. This is happening in Windows Media Center. I bought a new Dell with Vista preloaded on it and everything else works fine.

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    zachd [MSFT] Guest

    Re: Skipping video/audio in Windows Media Center

    If you right-click on the Speaker icon in the system tray, select Playback Devices, right-click Speakers in that new dialog, go to Properties, then go to Enhancements - choose "Disable All Enhancements" -- does it then work?

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    Re: Skipping video/audio in Windows Media Center

    Looks like damage codecs in your system. I have various problem using Windows Media Player. I am unable to find why it is not able to read all kind of video formats. At last I had downloaded Media Player Classic. This is amazing tiny video player that is capable of reading all kind of video tools with ease. IT does not require any codecs also. Most of my video format are in the form of DVD. They are slow on Windows Media Player and sometime it crashes instantly. But the video plays quiet fine on Media Player Classic. I can skip it fast and mute it.

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    Re: Skipping video/audio in Windows Media Center

    Windows Media Player works fine you have proper codecs in your system. It is better to install K-Lite Codec pack. This pack help media player to read variety of audio and video format. Or else you can skip it and install VLC in your system. This is one of the most popular cross platform video player that help you to play all kind of videos. It works nicely and does not has any kind of performance issue also. It is lightweight. I think there is nothing better than VLC. I watch all my videos on this. I am using this from long time and till yet does not got any problem.

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