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Thread: Stop 0x0000001a MEMORY_MANAGEMENT BSOD

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    Diamondlod Guest

    Stop 0x0000001a MEMORY_MANAGEMENT BSOD

    I'm getting a seemingly random BSOD with the stop error of 0x0000001a and a
    description of MEMORY_MANAGEMENT.

    I'm running Vista Ultimate 32-bit with 4gb of ram (although only 2.75gb
    shows available). I'm running an nVidia 680i motherboard with 4gb of
    Kingston ram and an Intel quad-core 2.66ghz CPU.

    Has anyone else run into this? Is 4gb simply too much for 32-bit Vista?


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    Tim B. Guest
    Sounds like a bad memory module to me.

    I'd grab an ISO of memtest86 and run it on your system for a while

    Have you tried running the verifier.exe command from an elevated prompt?

    This program will slow check each driver as it is used for additional
    details and hopefully provide you a better error code to work with as Stop
    0x01 is rather generic. Addtionally, the BSOD usually supplies a file name
    where the error occurs (e.g. Win32k.sys) and four parameters which could be
    helpful in this case.

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    May 2009
    Actually, I'm having the same problem, only 2GB of RAM. My Windows XP was
    running rock stable for over a year with the exact same RAM, but I get random
    "Memory Management" errors in Vista. I ran Memtest86 for 12 hours with no
    errors. Any other suggestions?

    I landed here because this is apparently the only thread one MS forums that
    even mentions this problem, so I added mine. I also posted a new thread in
    the windowsxp group. From a general online search, it appears that this is a
    common problem that has not been answered satisfactorily, either in Vista and
    XP. Amazing to me, though, how many people want to revert to XP from Vista.
    Me, next computer I am going to seriously consider something else entirely.

    This is just some info guys , I have had the same BSOD as you have.But my E8400 cpu is over clocked from 3 to 4.3,if I try to push it any more it falls over with the stop oxooooo1a malarkey.I know it,s the memory failing, so you guys seem to be on the right track.Just a thought if you are using 1066 memory have you checked the voltage,some should run at around 2v.

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    Baxtor Guest

    Re: Stop 0x0000001a MEMORY_MANAGEMENT BSOD

    Sorry to resurrect a dead post but I have been having the same BSOD for
    the last week or so now.
    I run Vista 64 Ultimate with 4GB of Ram, I also have an XP partition
    which is rock solid which leads me to believe its Vista Issue and not my
    Did any of you guys find a cure for yours?


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    pcgod Guest

    Re: Stop 0x0000001a MEMORY_MANAGEMENT BSOD

    It's a simple problem if you actually understand the architecture of the
    computer. I have seen this in both XP and Vista.

    The problem is that under load (eg Vista) the system needs to push more
    power to the certain elements of the PC one of these elements is the HDD
    and the other is the RAM, hence the memory dump that comes with this

    The pc can't get enough power to the RAM in time for the process and so
    crashes. I am not certain this is the case but I have seen the problem
    solved on many systems with a PSU upgrade. (400W upto 550W, etc.)

    As I say I am not certain but this certainly solved the problem on the
    many pcs i have encountered with the issue.:D


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    Good Day,

    I'm not to computer literate but i've been having a couple of BSOD's lately. My First one is the Memory_Management. I read this forums, and ran a memtest on of my 4gs of ram was bad. I'm running vista by the way. the other 2 BSOD are caused randomly. sometimes when i try to update the SP i get the Bad_Pool_Header. the Bad_Spool_Caller is just random. I tired to get the error code but it dumps memory soo damn fast. What i got is, 0x0000001a and 0x0000008e. the other one i'm still trying to make it BSOD to i can get the error code.

    Comp Spec:s

    CPU: Core2 Duo 2.4
    8800GTX video card.
    4gigs Ram (now3)
    Brand new Mother board (cant remember the model but just bought it 2 days ago)

    any help will be greatly appricated.

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    jaskel Guest
    Hi guys, I am also getting this, I was running fine on 2gb ram but as
    soon as i load 4 gb (all same brand etc) it BSOD!!

    Has anyone tried using a bigger PSU?? Has this fixed it?? I am very
    keen to try this! I need a fix!

    My Specs are:

    Gigabyte GA-8IPE775-G mobo, P4 3ghz, Vista and 4GB of Zepplin DDR400
    ram, my PSU is a 400W unit

    I did try limiting the ram on boot to 2048mb and it booted fine with 4
    x 1gb sticks, showed up 4gb in control panel and didnt BSOD

    What ya reckon about upgrading to a 500w PSU to compensate for the
    power drop?

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    kazass Guest

    Re: Stop 0x0000001a MEMORY_MANAGEMENT BSOD

    I have bought a brand new machine. The os is vista ultimate 64bit which
    and has been installed recently. The only thing that i have installed,
    except for the needed hardware drivers, is Pinnacle 11 ultimate. I have
    no trouble working with this program, but when i want to burn my project
    it makes a bsod with memory_management error 0x0000001a. After a quick
    dump and a restart, the machine boots up fine and works fine
    (apparently. I havent had the time to whip it hard to test it). In my
    case, the problem is not with the psu. I have tried to reduce ram to 2
    and 4 gb, not helping. My os is fully updated offcourse, allthough i
    had major problems with the windows update program, failing every other
    Hereīs my specs:

    PC: INTEL CORE QUAD Q6600 2.4GHZ 8MB S-775
    Psu: 750W CORSAIR TX CMPSU-750TXEU 140MM
    MB: ASUS P5N-E/SLI NFORCE 650I S-775
    RAM: 8GB( 4 X 2GB) DDR2 PC5400 667MHZ 1. PART

    As You can see, the system is quite capable.
    Sorry, no solution from here. Just some info.


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    kazass Guest

    Re: Stop 0x0000001a MEMORY_MANAGEMENT BSOD

    Sorry there for my absense...
    No i am not running qt7. As i wrote, the only program i had installed
    at that time was Pinnacle 11 ult. My work on the pc is primarily
    foto/videoediting. Thats why i bought 8 gb ram.
    I wonder if 8 gb is overkill and perhaps more than vista (or the rest
    of the setup) can handle. Since my reply i have tried to test the pc
    some more. It turned out that the pc didnt work fine at all. It was
    pretty unstable to say the least. I ran a sfc /scannow in cmd (u know?)
    as someone somewhere suggested and it found damaged files that was
    repaired. I have switched arround the ram modules and left only one (2
    gb) in the pc to start with. It seemed to work fine, editing and
    imagemaking in Pinnacle. No bsodīs or unstability. I tried to install
    the game Crysis to try this. It wouldnt start the game up at all. I
    tried to add 2 more ram modules in slot 2 and 3 (+ 4gb=6 gb in all), the
    pc went beserk, resulting in several different bsodīs. I removed one
    module from slot 3 (-2 gb= 4 gb in all), this didnt help, still
    different bsodīs. I removed one module from slot 2 (-2 gb= 2 gb in all),
    the machine worked great again. This indicated that if the problem was a
    bad ram module it would be the module in slot 2. I have now removed this
    module and isolated it from the others. I have added the remaining 2
    modules so the total ram is 6 gb. It seems to run smoothly however im
    not impressed with the speed. I have reinstalled Crysis in the map
    Program Files (instead of Program Filesx86 which is the map for programs
    made for 32bit os i believe). The game works now, loading incredibly
    fast but when i played, the game lacked somewhat to my big surprise.
    Anyway thats a hole different ballgame.
    The only thing missing at the moment is to try putting in the
    presumably bad ram module and see what happens......And test it some
    more ofcourse
    Ill be back


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    snowbound Guest

    Re: Stop 0x0000001a MEMORY_MANAGEMENT BSOD

    I just started having this happen to me. XP sp2, Dell (that was my first
    mistake...). I am keeping a log. The BSOD stays until I manually reboot, so
    I have no problem writing essential info down. Mine is dumping so often it
    is pointless to try to take pic with digital camera: I'm not sure I'd be able
    to upload and print. I doubt it is slow RAM. Otherwise it would just be
    sluggish, not dump. I am surprised that Microsoft hasn't put out a white
    paper on this. Feeling it is going to cost me money to fix.

    If anybody actually knows what is going on here, it could save me some time
    & $.

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    Glen Roberts Guest

    Re: Stop 0x0000001a MEMORY_MANAGEMENT BSOD

    1. Using google I found at least 10 pages of people reporting this
    particular error

    2. Please perform basic PC testing first before complaining about something

    3. If possible, try running in safe mode for awhile and see if the BSOD
    still occurs

    4. The actual error could quite likely be failed or bad physical RAM
    4a - If possible, remove each RAM "board" (one at a time) in your PC and
    see if you can work out which one has failed (or is corrupting your memory)
    4b - If possible, replace each RAM "board" (one at a time) in your PC
    and see if you can work out which one had failed (or is corrupting your

    5. If you have bad or failing RAM, it won't matter what OS you are
    running... they will all crash or fail if you have bad RAM in your PC!

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    kheiremans Guest

    Re: Stop 0x0000001a MEMORY_MANAGEMENT BSOD

    I'm having the same problem.

    i've had BSOD's since the beginning(mostly memory out of bounds or irq
    exceptions, lately it's been memory management -well since the last
    microsoft update actually- bsod's)

    i've had irq exception

    8E and several others

    i've updated all my drivers(older newer nothing changed)

    did all vista updates

    ran memtest,cpu burn in, gfx card tests,...

    then i ran windows xp: no problems at all

    i go back to vista and same happens all over again

    is there any chance we'll ever get some MS support on this?

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    Re: Stop 0x0000001a MEMORY_MANAGEMENT BSOD

    I have a customer machine running Vista biz SP1 and has been fine until recently. This is a Dell machine with adequate hardware, 2 years old and came with the vista. The only lacking it has is it is running on 1G RAM. Symtoms: Gets the 1A BSOD several times daily after they themselves moved computers to new office..... What I am finding after replacing RAM (1G to 2G) the machine also fails hard drive diags during a read test. CHKDSK doesn't find an issue. So the problem is probably not the hdd media but the mechanics in the drive, maybe...... So how does this cause a 1A BSOD? Well..... maybe it pisses off the pagefile since these guys had only 1G RAM on a machine running CAD software - the swapfile is then compensating for lack of physical RAM.... and virtual memory (swapfile) throws a 'memory_managment' BSOD? Not only that - they just moved their office and computers..... what has clued me here to HDD (hard drive) is I get 0x0000007B BSOD booting to a particular WindowsPE CD...

    So... run a CHKDSK /R (not just /F).... run a good diagnostic on not just the hard drive - but the entire machine - I suggest non-interactive tests that will loop overnight. This machine failed its Dell diags on the first hard drive read test...... I have more to do and need to verify hdd read failure.... so if I find out more - I'll post.
    Last edited by AlpenIT; 14-04-2009 at 07:19 PM.

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    Re: Stop 0x0000001a MEMORY_MANAGEMENT BSOD

    For those whom may encounter this problem in the future and in the past, the easiest and quickest way is to do the easiest first. First off, memory gets loose after awhile(vibrations, improper installs, ect.) so the first thing to try is to remove and reinsert the ram. Make sure they are installed correctly(I have done alot of builds and encountered this issue several times). Another quick and easy possible fix is like simopvee1 suggests, which is to check your voltage in BIOS. Most DDR2 is 2 or 2.1 volts. Mine (Corsair 8GB DDR2 1066, Intel Q955 Quad Core, Vista 64 Bit, 2 Western 300 GB Velociraptors in RAID 0, 3 WEstern RAID 250 GB 7200 RPM in RAID 0, HIS 3850 ATI Graphics, Gigabyte GA-EP45-DQ6 MotherBoard). Mother boards can also be finnicky, so make sure you check your memory compatibilities with both your mother board manufacturers website and also if running Windows, the HCL(Hardware Compatibility List). Another fairly simple way to correct this issue, but harder than the previous ones, and should be done in order, is to remove a module at a time and run it for awhile. Also if you have known good memory insert that into one slot for a day or two, and if the problem persists, continue through until you find the culprit if you don't have alot of ram installed. Another option, although lastly, is to get new ram, which isn't very expensive now adays, but do get name brand good ram, as alot of off brand manufacturers ram doesn't play well with better motherboards. Good luck!

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