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Thread: In Vista 64 bit running IE, no Flash?

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    In Vista 64 bit running IE, no Flash?

    I had upgraded to Windows Vista 64bit system. I had updated everything after the upgrade. The default web browser which I can using in Internet Explorer. Now when I try to play some videos it is not working. It is asking for flash update but that does not looks to be working well. I tried many things here but nothing worked out. Can anyone simply help me how can I simply install flash here. I am having the setup file of flash and it is installed. There is no error also.

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    Re: In Vista 64 bit running IE, no Flash?

    Did you checked the edition of flash player. You said your system has a 64bit Vista. So you will need to go on the official website and download a 64bit version of Adobe Flash. If you download 32bit then it will not work. So go on Control Panel > Add/Remove programs and from there remove flash. Then go on the Adobe website and download the 64bit edition of flash player. Install it in your pc and done. Your system will work fine.
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    I too think you are not using the right version of flash player due to which you are facing issue. It is recommended that you simply update that and check once again. I think that will be simply enough to fix the issue. You wll need to download the 64bit version of flash player separately. And then check back the same. Once the right version is installed in your pc then videos will work well.

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