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Thread: navigation to webpage was cancelled

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    bob e lee Guest

    navigation to webpage was cancelled

    for no apparent reason i get a window that pops up on occasion that gives me
    the error, "navigation to web page was canceled"

    How do I isolate the program that is causing these errors and then how to i
    resolve the issue?

    I have Vista, Office 2007, IE7

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    ob11178 Guest

    RE: navigation to webpage was cancelled

    I have the same problem does anyone know how to fix it... I tired of it

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    johnsmith74 Guest

    Re: navigation to webpage was cancelled

    how do i stop navigation to webpage was canceled


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    ob11178 Guest

    Re: navigation to webpage was cancelled

    I found these post and they helped me... Hopefully they help

    I also have the most annoying popup with the above referenced message. I
    tried a suggestion from stormrider550
    "Go to control panel... administrative tools... task scheduler. Delete the
    Internet Offers task and the Registration task" I was unable to delete these
    and after playing around with various other things, I am still getting this
    popup - mine appears every minute or so so it is so annoying - I've been
    using alt F4 to clear it - but am getting so sick of it.

    Here is what you do to get rid of the problem. Do as the previous user
    suggested...that is, go to Control Panel, click on System and Maintenance,
    then scroll down to Administrative tools and click on Schedule Tasks. Under
    "Acive Tasks" on the bottom of the screen, double click on
    "InternetServiceOffers" and it will open up a new screen. At the top, under
    "Name" you should see InternetServiceOffers. Left-click on it to highlight
    it, and press your "delete" key. It should delete the file. It may ask for
    confirmation. Hope this helps. Thank you everyone who responded earlier, as
    it helped me.

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    dsmobster Guest

    Re: navigation to webpage was cancelled

    Yes, this was helpful but to delete or suspend tasks one must goto the task
    library(left hend side of screen) and gives the options to run, delete and
    disable tasks. I have been workin with a Compaq SR5214 but seems common to
    all the HP brand. It occured after I had 'de-krapped' this PC.
    Otherwise...these would pop up while in use propting one to sign up for
    internet services or make back-up discs(I did) and such. There are many many
    scheduled tasks and is all confusing but the more you read, the more you
    learn =)

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    bas Guest

    Re: navigation to webpage was cancelled

    i don't have that active tasks you are saying the Internet service
    offers. Please help me. still this message is still coming, whole day
    now i am trying to get rid of it. I cannot


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    MattCarter1417 Guest

    Re: navigation to webpage was cancelled

    I, too, have an HP Compaq (Presario F755US), and was plagued by this
    problem of pop-ups periodically appearing on my screen saying
    "Navigation to the webpage was canceled" and "What you can try: Refresh
    the page". When I clicked on the "Refresh the page" link, nothing
    happened. There was no way for me to view the URL of the page in
    question, nor was there any way to close that window, aside from
    Alt-F4. I followed the advice here and went into the Task Scheduler,
    but there was no "Internet Service Offers" task. I looked through all
    the other scheduled tasks and deleted the other bloatware tasks, but
    this problem still remained. Finally, I found the solution: From the
    Task Scheduler, go to the Actions pane on the right, then Click on
    "View" and click on "Show Hidden Tasks". That shows more bloatware
    tasks that HP has included, such as ExtendedServicePlan,
    InternetServiceOffcers, and RecoveryCD. I think that deleting those
    will solve the problem.


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