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Thread: Vista hang, stalls or freeze

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    Vista hang, stalls or freeze

    Windows Vista here is freezing a lot. It is really giving me hard time. I am not able to work on the same. I thought after upgrade it will work more properly but the scene here is completely different. I am having SATA 2 port on my pc. First it takes really long time to boot. Then there are some problem later on using the same. I had tried to manage a number of things but this does not looks to be working well. I am not able to find what is the problem here.

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    Re: Vista hang, stalls or freeze

    Can be a ram problem. It is necessary that you must test the ram in your system and see what output you are getting. You can use a tool called as memtest which can fix the problem. Just burn that on a CD/DVD and then boot your system with that. Scan your system with it and then test back. This will be more appropriate in fixing the problem. If ram is not the issue then you have to check some startup application which are yet another problem in this.

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