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Thread: Headphones don't work

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    Headphones don't work

    After upgrading to Windows Vista from Windows XP the audio stopped working. I am having a nice set of headphones from creative. When I connect it to the pc there is no audio on it. I tried many settings here but nothing worked out. It was working really well on Windows XP. The volume icon on system tray is grayed out. I cannot click nor I can access anything on that. I need some help here to make it work. Can anyone guide me for the same. Thanks.

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    Right click on My Computers > Click on Device Manager. In that just see whether all the hardware are installed properly or not. If there is a exclamation mark or warning sign near any then you have to update the drivers back. I think that would be enough to resolve the problem. Just ensure everything is installed. You can do that by using a motherboard cd here. Just insert the same and run the setup on your system. The setup will simply add everything and the issue will be resolved.

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