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Thread: Vista and firewire 1394?

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    Vista and firewire 1394?

    I started facing some problems with my Camera since I upgraded my computer to Windows Vista. I tried connecting my video camera to this system for capture and Vista does not see the camera attached to the 1394 port. After searching web for help I found some articles saying Vista does not support 1394 firewire. Is that true? If yes, is there any alternate way I can make vista to recognize my camera?

    Please help.

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    Re: Vista and firewire 1394?

    Nope, i dont think there is any such problem because i am already using my camera with Vista and it works fine. Most Probably it could be a a driver problem. Try updating your system as well as camera drivers.

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    Re: Vista and firewire 1394?

    Thanks for your reply SMichael. First let me tell you that this is what i can see in device manager :

    AGERE OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller
    6/21/2006 version 6.0.6000.16386 from Microsoft

    It says the device is working properly and the "update driver" button does not find anything. SO that means the driver is updated, right? What now?

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    When I installed vista U I forgot I had the firewire card installed but vista installed the drivers for it. I have an NEC card. I tried my dv cam and it works fine, Samsung 103. I had this same problem with an external drive connect to Firewire 1394. Just by luck it also had an USB port I could use.

    I have a Sony FX1 and a LaCie Hard Drive both hooked up via Firewire, both are recognized by Vista x64. Vista currently only supports 1394a (400 speed). I use Sony's Vegas 7.0 to do my video transfers and can operate the camera from within the program. Haven't tried using Windows Movie Maker.

    What I have been finding out is all flavors of Vista are different in one way or another. What may work in Vista 64 may not work in Vista 32, The same with Vista Ultimate may not work in Vista Home Premium. So how does one tell what version of firewire 1394 they have?

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    Hp Pavilion Slimline with Vista Home Premium

    I am having the same video camera firewire connection on my new Hp Pavilion Slimline with Vista Home Premium which has a AGERE OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller installed. I am trying to use it to capture video for Sony Movie Vegas 8 and similar.

    The programs are looking for a Cirrus Logic complaint card and can't find one.

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    Same problem with Vista Ultimate

    It seems that Vista Ultimate is just as bad for me that is.

    I have a Sony DCR-TRV530 Digial 8 Camcorder and I'm been trying for weeks ....buying cables from Sony and either software I use Movie Maker or Roxio Ver. 10 tells me that a a video device is not connected......!!!!

    If anyone has any suggestion on how I can get this to work it would greatly be apreciated...

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    Re: Vista and firewire 1394?

    Handycam Model: Sony DCR TRV265E
    Laptop: Windows Vista 32 bit

    When I connect my handycam via USB cable, it is seen in Device manager (I have downloaded the necessary driver from Sony). I can see the video using Skype chatting tool. Even google chat can show video through the handycam. But Microsoft Movie Maker cannot recognize it at all.

    Sony's picture package does not work in Vista, so Sony has provided another software Picture Motion Browser downloadable from their site. Even this software fail to recognize the handycam.

    It was mentioned that Motion browser works in i.LINK cable, which is, I think the firewire cable. So I connected the handycam through firewire. Now Skype, Google chat, device manager, Movie Maker, Motion Browser ... none of them can recognize the handycam through firewire.

    What could be the problem?

    I also tried to connect both USB and firewire, noly USB mode is acknowledged by Skype and google chat, but nobody can see it via the firewire.

    Is the firewire card defective? My lappy is brand new and within warranty.

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    I had same problem with my Sony Digital8 (also called HI8 ) handycam. My vista system was not able to detect my Handycam with a very very cheap FIREWIRE PCI Card I bought in local market for only $4, yes four dollars. It came with same cable 6pin to 4pin Firewire (Sony calls it i.Link). I was trying to connect with same cable 4pin at camera end and 6pin on PCI Card, with no luck. I tried everything an expert would do, but got only frustration. Even tried a lot on Internet for the solution but it seems no one knew.

    Then I started from scratch, TO DECIDED TO READ MANUAL. While reading the PDF manual found on Sony Support site, trust me, I found those golden words "USE ONLY 4PIN TO 4PIN i.Link Cable for Firewire connection."

    I ran back to market and bought 4PIN TO 4PIN Firewire Cable for $1.5

    At first trial, trust me, it detected "SONY DV Camcorder" and installed drivers automatically. I confirmed by going into Device Manager and found same entry in Imaging Device section. Then what in every possible software existed on my system, DV Capture was available, which was found always disabled.

    Now the funny part it, technically there is no difference in 6pin to 4pin Firewire cable as two pins are used for Voltage which is discarded at 4 pin end. But it seems SONY Handycam does not wants itself to connect it to 6pin socket at PCI card end.

    So these are the final things to remember.
    1) Use only 4pin to 4pin Firewire cable (any cheaper make. $1.5 will do)

    2) Use any cheaper FIREWIRE PCI card with at least one 4pin firewire socket. When installed XP or Vista will install driver automatically just confirm that "IEEE 1394 bus host controller" entry is shown in Device manager or not.

    3) No matter you use cheaper or costlier PCI card or cable the quality will always be same coz D8 Handycams directly transfer encoded Video Data in Digital format thru Firewire cable. Firewire cable does not transfer RF video input. I get default video with 720x576 with 25 Frames/s in PAL mode.

    4) No additional codecs are required to install in pc like others suggested. Required codecs are always there in XP and VISTA with windows movie maker.

    5) No additional software is required, as you can directly capture with Windows Movie Maker in high quality. My choice is Adobe Premier CS3. If you want to make directly MPG file you may use ULEAD VIDEOSTUDIO 8 or later.

    6) Dont blame SONY as they already told you which exact cable to use.

    7) Dont blame Vista. Its nothing to do with it. Sony's PicturePackage for XP does not work on vista. For vista they offered PICTURE MOTION BROWSER which also have easy VIDEO Capture utlity with same high quality capture.

    7) In handycam mode, you can control PLAY/STOP/PAUSE of Handycam from PC itself from all the video software you use, which is high convinience for capturing.

    8) The sequence to capture is first Switch on the CAMERA, put it on PLAY/EDIT mode (also called VCR mode). Then connect firewire cable on both sides. Now you see the words DV-IN on LCD of camera. Now start any Video Capture Software of your choice. You will find CAPTURE command in FILE menu in almost all softwares.

    Trust me I am going to add this information in almost all forums where similar problems were asked but nowhere the solution found. May be I can help them. Trust me I signed up this forum only to add this information.

    I disagee when you say Vista and W7 does not support 1394 standard. But I will agree when you will say PIRATED VISTA and W7 are not compatible. Licenesed OS does always upgrades itself when upgrades are available for newly featured various necessay hardware and software are availale. Anyways I am happily using 1394 on my licensed VISTA BUSINESS with no issue. Vista even works best with lower-end Firewire card and cheaper cable. Your statement resembles like a regular Windows Hater whome I hate the most. LOLZ :D

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    Oke,here is the answer why 90% of your camcorders dont work when you think it should.
    Most of todays camcorders use a firewire 1394 standard,wich windows vista,and windows7 does NOT support.
    As said above most camcorders use 1394 protocol (100MbSec,Sony Canon,etc) and will only work on XP,So even if your firewire InterfaceCard is 1394a(400MbSec),Vista will refuse to work since the camera only uses the 1394 protocol instead of 1394a.
    So switching cables or interfacecard wont help,switching OS will.

    I allready explaned :
    Vista does NOT support 1394
    Vista ONLY support 1394a
    Do you not see the differance?
    1394 is NOT the same as 1394a!

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    Re: Vista and firewire 1394?

    I am having the same problem and very frustrated. I have a new Quadcore pc with 4gb Ram and an IEEE 1394 card. I have been trying to get my Panasonic DV Deck - AG DVC2500 to work with it but the pc simply does not recognise it. I tried my panasonic mini dv camera and the pc found it immediately. I have the latest drivers and updates for Vista Home Premium 64bit - Can anybody come up with a solution asap.

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    Re: Vista and firewire 1394?

    Seems like i have found something helpful on the said problem. Just like you guys even i am struggling with this problem since a month and this is what i found after lots of searches .

    1. Most users running XP don't have a problem with 1394.
    2. Some XP 64 users had a system that worked up until a MS update killed their 1394.
    3. Most Vista 32 users are having success with 1394 (I'm one).
    4. Most Vista 64 users are NOT having any success with 1394 (I'm one).
    5. Some Vista 64 users have found that by doing a Registry hack (Enumeration) their problems were fixed.
    6. Some Vista 64 users found that the Enumeration hack DID NOT have any effect or limited effect.
    7. In all cases of problems, Windows Device Manager reports that all is well when it is not.

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    Re: Vista and firewire 1394?


    I have managed to get my Canon XH-A1 working on Vista and Windows 7(RTM) and use 1394 (fireware) card.

    A bit of history before...
    I have bought 1394 card a while ago. It is based on NEC d72873gc microchip (which is still can be found on newer cards). This card worked beautifully on Windows XP Professional but in Vista Professional and Windows 7 Professional, Premiere Pro CS4 was giving me a white capturing screen which later displayed 'Device Offline'. No tricks suggested by Adobe and other websites worked.

    After reading numerous posts and checking Vista and Windows 7 hardware compatibility I have purchased 1394 card based on Texas Instruments TSB43AB22 chipset from Ebay. After changing the card, I have no issues capturing HDV or DV from the camera. No drivers, no tweaks, just pure Plug-and-Play.

    I hope this helps.
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    Pls hepl me out!!

    I have a canon xh a1s camcorder. Its a PAL cam.. My computer is not detecting the cam when connected through a firewire cable. what do I do.

    I use windows xp, 32 bit graphic card!!!

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    Re: Vista and firewire 1394?

    My Old Sony DCR pc2E was not recognised by Vista. After installing sp41703 from the HP site, it did recognise it.


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