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    RE: Linksys wireless adapter

    I am having Windows Vista Ultimate on my pc. On which I am trying to install Linkys Wifi USB adapter on the same. The adapter features a 2.4Ghz frequency and the most common wifi standard. But there is a problem with the installation. I checked in device manager. There was a issue with hardware. I tried updating the drivers also but even that did not worked. At the time of purchased that I checked properly the adapter is compatible with Vista. That does not looks like some kind of issue here.

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    The issue why the hardware is not working in your pc is due to incompatible Vista driver. You have to find the right drivers from the web and download the same. And then you have to update that in your pc. Which is going to work well and give you right output. Or else the hardware will not work under not circumstances. I had got the same issue long ago with an lan adapter. It was a wifi adapter. It worked as I got the right drivers for the same.

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    This kind of issue normally occurs on 64bit version of windows vista. I had gone through the same issue with the same kind of adapter. The adapter usually has a 32bit driver that does not work in windows. For that you will need a 64bit driver that might perform really well. You can go on Linksys website and download the most recent drivers based on the edition of Vista OS. Which will be more helpful for you to fix the problem.

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