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Thread: IPX/SPX-compatible for Vista

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    red barron Guest

    IPX/SPX-compatible for Vista

    I have a new Vista Machine but i need to install a IPX/SPX-compatible
    Protocol to it
    But the option is not availble in the menu

    Does anyone know where i can get the software to install for Vista


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    Mike Guest

    Re: IPX/SPX-compatible for Vista

    IPX/SPX?!? Gee, is it 1995 again?

    Seriously, I think you are going to have to wait for Novell to release
    one for Vista, because MS officially no longer supports it. Although I
    wouldn't hold my breath, since Novell is all lost in Linux Land these


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    BSchnur Guest

    Re: IPX/SPX-compatible for Vista

    I'm making an assumption that with IPX/SPX you have a Novell NetWare
    server you are trying to talk to.

    If you are looking to communicate with any version of NetWare which
    doesn't have native IP support (ie NW 5.0 and up), sorry -- that won't

    Even when Novell releases a Client for Vista (and there is a 'tech
    demonstration version which kind of sort of works), that client will
    only work with NW 5.0 and above as it only supports TCPIP.

    Barry Schnur
    Novell Support Connection Volunteer Sysop

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    Mike Guest

    RE: IPX/SPX-compatible for Vista

    I would also like to find a solution for this. Therre are many games (i.e.
    warcraft and starcraft) that use ipx/spx networking still.

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    Coto Guest

    RE: IPX/SPX-compatible for Vista

    Hey Mike,

    I'm in the same situation. I found this IPX implementation for Vista,87,0,0,1,0

    Apparently it works with some games... it didn't work with my game (star
    wars: episode I racer)

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    kap_tmp Guest

    Re: IPX/SPX-compatible for Vista

    Ops major mistake, Vista equals Windoze Mastrubation Edition (ME) number
    II :eek: ! Well no reason to keep things working and people being able
    to capitalize on their (thousand $US) investment according to M$oft! As
    it is the case for being able to write to the parallel port, access all
    pre-usb developing boards and old GPIB cards for example!

    Do yourself a favor and get Linux on you PC, fc8 installs as a charm in
    anything nowadays! Then use "dosbox" with all you need for those
    UNFORGETABLE games, even free gaming servers ;)!

    Myself I got rid of both ME and VISTA & got a $100 rebate on both after
    spending 30min on toll free calls, though both were pre-installed on two
    laptops! :p

    Next time consider buying a Mac, has all those (features) are just a
    click away! :cool:

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