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Office 2007 Configuration ?

Vista Help

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Old 10-03-2007
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Re: Office 2007 Configuration ?

Heh, I did that on purpose. You should rely on what your event log is
telling you the problem is. That said, the keys I had to open
permissions on were:


And any sub-entries that have permissions problems (I believe there
were two under IconHandler that needed fixing).

I also did what you mention, opened permisions on HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT,
maybe thats what fixed my other apps? When I did that though I
noticed it did not cascade down to subkeys. In any event some
combination of these changes fixed the problem for me for all apps.
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Old 06-02-2008
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thanks for that, but i am still having the problem with one program.. it
is microsoft expression web. everytime i try to start it, it thinks it
needs to install it and reconfigure it.. i am guessing this also is
registry related, but i must be missing something. has anybody had the
problem with expression web?
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Old 02-08-2009
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Re: Office 2007 Configuration ?

Ok.. today is aug 2nd, 2009

I restarted windows XP. After i reinstalled Microsoft office 2007 .i had this huge issue.... everytime I opened MS Word or Excel, the "configuration in progress " message poped up....

what i did to resolve this issue :

I checked on control panel if there were any other versions of microsoft office installed ( if you restarted windows the previous M. Office 2007 will show as Microsof office 1.1) remove all of them including the last version that you just installed.

After you make sure all versions of Microsoft office are removed from the computer ..you will need to restart your pc.

then, reinstall your microsoft office software....... when your done installing .. try to open MS excel then word..... the configuration in progress message should not appear ever again :P

Hope this tip works for you because it did work for me :

have a good one ... plz let me know if this tip worked for you....
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Old 03-08-2009
Peter Foldes
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Re: Office 2007 Configuration ?

Slow thinker and poster.
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