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Thread: what hotkey combo is the switch between windows?

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    what hotkey combo is the switch between windows?

    I am looking for some set of hot key combination by which I can switch between different windows. I am not able to find any appropriate settings for the same. I tried to find some automated tool by which I can simply create some set of key shortcuts of my own. But that looks a bit complicated. I can find tools that offer a macro type feature, but I am simply not looking for that.

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    I think it is Alt + Tab that can help you to switch between windows. You can also use Windows Tab here. This are the default key shortcut that you can use in windows. I am giving you a link below which has ample of short-cut combination that you can try out. This keys remain common all the time. While the custom shortcut thing which you are asking is called as key remapping. There are some tools available which can help you.

    Keyboard shortcuts

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    There are some tools like HotKeyz or Shortcut Key creator that you can use to map the keyboard shortcuts. You can simply use the same to create your own commands. Among other I found Hotkeyz quiet better. It is very simple to use and has quiet advance options also. There are ready made actions available in that which you just need to choose and apply on the specific key. That's all. So I will recommend you to just check the same.

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