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Thread: Classic Logon Screen

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    Dave C Guest

    Classic Logon Screen

    How do I turn off fast user switch and turn on the classic logon screen. I
    have a fingerprint reader and in XP this only worked from the classic logon

    Ive followed the instructions in the MS Press Vista admin guide where you go
    into local policy settings and enable classic logon but it doesnt seem to do

    My PC is used by my wife as well but not with the fingerprint reader.

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    Kerry Brown Guest

    Re: Classic Logon Screen

    What make and model fingerprint reader do you have? Have you checked if the
    manufacturer has an update for Vista?

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    Dave C Guest

    Re: Classic Logon Screen

    Its a Targus Defcon 1 Authenticator. Devices show it as Autentec AES 4000
    True Print Sensor

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    Kerry Brown Guest

    Re: Classic Logon Screen

    You'd have to contact Targus. I checked their website and trying to download
    drivers goes round and round in a circle back to the marketing page for that
    product. It looks like they don't have drivers available other than what
    comes with it.

    Windows Vista does not use the classic logon screen. They would have to
    change their software to work with Vista.

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    Re: Classic Logon Screen

    Thanks for the help, I encountered same problem on the targus site.

    I have removed the fingerprint reader for now but cannot uninstall teh
    software as it doesnt recognise the uninstall program when you run from
    add/remove programmes. Cannot find the actual uninstall file so that I can
    chose compatibility mode. Its the omnipass programme that Im trying to

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    Kerry Brown Guest

    Re: Classic Logon Screen

    If you upgraded from XP this may be the problem. Sometimes after an upgrade
    the uninstall portion of a program gets mixed up. One possible fix is to
    reinstall the software. You may have to use the compatibility settings and
    also Run as administrator to do this. Once it's installed if possible don't
    uninstall it from the Control Panel. Run the manufacturer's uninstall
    program using compatibility mode and Run as administrator.

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    Visit here and download this if you need drivers for Vista on the finger print reader. Save to desktop or downloads and then run it as it sometimes corrupts when you try and run it from its current location.
    Let me know if it works!

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