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Thread: Sidebar not working

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    Sidebar not working

    I had just installed windows vista on my system and now I am facing a bit issue with the sidebar. It is not working at all. I tried to load it again but still the issue lies the same. I can't load widgets on the same. First when I restart my pc the task bar appear on the screen. But now it is not visible. I tried a command line tool also here but that too is not working. Can anyone help me here to find out a option by which I can simply activate task bar on the screen. I hope that will work.

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    There is one thing you can try here. You can run system restore. It is one of the most easiest way to fix the problem you are facing. Just click on Start Menu and in that click on System Restore. Choose a proper date from the same. That's all. You can simply restore your old settings back here and it will work fine. There is no issue at all. But if that does not work then you can trysfc /scannow. It is another great way of fixing system file errors from the system.

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    You can fix the problem by running startup repair. I am sure that will work fine. Startup repair just replaces any existing system files from the system which is damage. It just copy paste everything back on the system. When you run this I am sure the side bar issue will be resolved. For that you have to boot your system from Vista cd and in the installation menu click on Repair > Startup Repair. That's all. The setup will scan for problems ans resolved it.

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