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Thread: narrator WON'T SHUT OFF AHHHHHGH

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    spok Guest


    I have tried to find this answer at a few different places with no success.
    Pls help
    I started microsoft narator to see how it worked. Well, it works. It just
    will not shut off.
    PLEASE help me get this thing to shut off, and not start up every time I
    strat Vista.

    peace be with you

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    PhillyJazz Guest
    This is what you should add to your suggested solution:

    1) You must perform this procedure in EVERY user account.
    2) Doing this only disables Narrator while you are logged in to any user
    3) To disable Narrator at the login screen, you must log into any one
    account (not every one -- just one will do) and Control Panel, go to Control
    Panel>Ease of Access Center. In the left-hand column, click on Change
    Administrative Settings, and check "Apply all settings to the logon desktop."

    That worked for me. On Google, I found people who said to uncheck it. Mine
    was already unchecked. So I checked it and it had the desired effect.

    yes, my problem has been solved as well! I was about to be admitted...
    Hey, download network magic and all your windows networking (and printing)
    problems will be over. No configuring!

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    jawx Guest

    Re: narrator WON'T SHUT OFF AHHHHHGH

    I was beside myself with rage with the inability to turn of Narrator, and
    everything I did was unsuccessful. Afer reading the message above, I found
    the checked box for Narrator and it finally teminated.

    I was completely disappointed with Narrator, since it did not read the key
    content of any web page, word document or excel file, but instead babbled on
    about each keystroke entry, reading the peripheral titles and management
    windows contents--especially the Narrator box, which I was trying to close.
    This is in constrast to the Apple Mac program, which reads entire articles
    and pages with ease--for many years.

    Now, if I could just get my network printer to work!

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    DesperateDan Guest

    Re: narrator WON'T SHUT OFF AHHHHHGH

    Hartfree for President. He/she has saved my sanity.

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    Apr 2007

    thank you

    thank you, thank you, thank you....

    and thank you to whoever posted the question in such a way that google brought me here

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    efilgnikcufecin Guest

    Re: narrator WON'T SHUT OFF AHHHHHGH

    *james bond nemisis style* with spinning captains chair 'n' all..

    microsoft anna-ahhh heart free we meet again,

    heartfree-yes i am here to stop you,youve gone too far this time.

    microsoft anna-and why's this?

    heartfree-your cold dry voice is driving vista users all over the world
    insane, i've unticked your box in the ease of access menu,the next time
    i log in i'll be carefree (lol) your gone! (unchecks box)

    microsoft anna-ahhh but the jokes on you heart free (laughs

    (heartfree hits apply)

    heartfree-what?!! this cant be happening, this is...

    (save and cancel box become null and void, only other option is the top
    right "X")

    miscrosoft anna-...positivley evil, you see somewhere somethings gone
    wrong, i'm the operating system from hell.....

    heartfree-well what, do you expect me to talk?

    microsoft anna-no i expect...wait i talk...(mumbles, lots of
    hand movments) you er...sit there, painstaikingly angry everytime
    you log on, everytime i appear, siting there, making horrible noises,
    until you crack and downgrade to xp...

    heartfree-but that would render vista redundant and pointless, people
    spending quite a whack of money on nothing? only to have to pay out
    again, if not, hunt for hours even days on end for their old xp
    disks...but this would **** on plents of peoples hard earned

    microsoft anna-yes, the very reason wondows made me, they laughed
    uncontrolabley in the boardroom, they call it the "buy one, buy
    another, then fight with the machine for free deal"

    heartfree-your benine, and twisted your an evil operating
    machine...(opens his phones pda thingy)

    microsoft anna-wait is (laughs again,flys into pda)

    microsoft anna-(keeps appearing top of other programmes, and saying
    random stuff with coloums etc..)

    (heartfree drops to the floor crying, then smashes up his pda)

    heartfree-*sobbing*vista was so tempting "faster, easier, better
    looking, efficient" we've been conned, i have to get the message out to
    people who decide to play with narrator, it's pandoras box, i alone have
    to stop people getting curious...but how,how do i stop it?

    (opening credits all james bond-y)

    "heartfree stars as james bond in...
    ...curiosity killed the comp"

    yer the problem wont go away as described in the script...this has also
    happened before with a vista thing but cant remember what it was with,
    but yer the apply button sort of "does the other boxes in" making them
    unaccess able, rendering narrator and any other programme that decides
    to do this the new king. my problems basically the one in the script
    just twice as dramatic...

    help me, please lol,

    it's like getting blood from a stone man...:biggrin:

    "*_if_you've_been_affected_by_any_parts_of_odays_show_then_please_ring_08706_010100_and_either_begin _shouting_insults_and/or_quote_\"you_****ing_wanker,_youve_ruined_my_weekend_you_ballbag,_what_'cha_gunna_do!!?!?\"_*



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    Tomsdad Guest

    RE: Hartfree for President!!!!!

    My dog says a big thanks to Hartfree... poor thing has been kicked daily
    since I foolishly turned on 'Narration'.

    Peace restored!

    (Dog purely for comedic value - don't even have one - so no lectures on pet
    mistreatment needed!)

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    Spanketh Thy Monkey Guest

    Re: Hartfree for President!!!!!

    Maybe you should Look at Kevpan the right wing wacko. He could be your next

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    sydm Guest


    Go to the Accessories folder, open the Ease of Access folder, and start the
    Ease of Access Centre. You can turn off the Narrator from here: open the
    section titled "Use the Computer without a Display". Remove the ticks from
    the check boxes. That should fix your problem.

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    md Guest

    Re: narrator WON'T SHUT OFF AHHHHHGH

    thnz a ton Hartfree!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for past 1 week i was gettin annoyed wid
    this narrator....................

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